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April 9, 2020 03:21

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Will Amazon Kill FedEx? JOHN McAFEE: Will Make The Cloud ‘Completely Obsolete’ (Fighting To Regain TM on HIS Name)

This Is The Next Multibillion Marketing Opp: iMessage App Store; HP Buys Samsung’s Printer Business in $1.05 Billion Deal; Hey Mom – I got fired from Wells Fargo, and oh yeah, you may have a few credit cards; The Job You Always Wanted… But Never Knew Existed; Why Would A CEO Give IT Responsibility To […]

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Turkel: ObamaCare a case study of a bad product launch? The iWatch Is Worth The Wait

PLUS; Credit Suisse launches gay-friendly company index; FedEx Sees Shipment Peak on Cyber Monday as E-Commerce Grows; Mark Zuckerberg Was Highest Paid U.S. CEO of 2012 Can Founders Let Go? What Love’s Got to Do with Leadership; Steve Wozniak Disses iPad Air and … 20th Century Fox Blanks Out Two Pages of NYT The Book […]

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