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August 22, 2019 04:29

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Ragazzo Greciano : LLLL .com not dead, #Chinese buyers coming back from LLLLL and LLLLLL

The last report by Ragazzo Greciano, the prolific domain analysis expert from Napoli, Italy, was about his single and two letter .com marketplace. Greciano’s SuperLiquid Domains Report, uses High Tech Domain Analytic Heuristics (HTAH) to perform live analysis on domain sales; the busy domain analyst is enthusiastic about the future of four letter .com domains. […]

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New #GoDaddy video not chauvinist enough, according to #domain veterans

The new GoDaddy video fails to reek of blatant male chauvinism and sexism, and that’s the plain truth from the mouth of veteran domain investors. Long known for its T&A approach to visualizing life and domain names, GoDaddy’s commercials used to incorporate females with ample bosoms and spectacular derrieres. Men were still men, and women […]

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Christian Calvin of #PlentyOfBrands: Domainer and #artist is a great creative combination!

Domain investor, Christian Calvin, is busy working on his domain brand boutique, Offering domains to eclectic customers that are seeking a generic or creative brand, is not enough for Christian – a full-time husband and father. Christian outputs creativity through artistic creations as well, and primarily paints on canvas and other mixed media, generating […]

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Is the domain name #Costa .com worth one million dollars?

Costa means “coast” in Spanish; the matching domain was registered in 1997, and yet 21 years later, an Italian company filed a UDRP against its registrant. The Respondent was represented by, sponsors of our publication, that provided the information below. The UDRP decision contains an important response by the WIPO panelists, regarding […]

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Parents get #domains first, then name their newborns based on availability

It’s a competitive world in social media out there, and more so when Millennial parents are involved. According to a research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of GoDaddy, 20% of Millennial parents changed, or strongly considered picking their baby’s name based on which domain names were available at the time. There are so many new […]

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#DomainSpa : Fifteen year ago, #domains after the dot-com bust of 2000

Fifteen years ago, DomainSpa was busy capitalizing on the dot-com bust aftermath. The brain child of the late entrepreneur, Igal Lichtman, DomainSpa was a small, private label for monetizing domain names. Lichtman seized an opportunity, when he realized that many companies that went under in 2000-2002 failed to renew their domains, that were often single […]

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Bye-bye, Las Vegas : #NamesCon Global 2020 moves to a sandy beach somewhere

NamesCon 2019 will be the final one at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, and the domain conference’s organizers are actively seeking a new venue for 2020. Facing extreme attendance growth, NamesCon 2020 will be in a new location, yet to be finalized. That’s great news for many NamesCon regulars, that consider the current venue’s services […]

Read more : Twenty year old #domain sold for $100,000 dollars

The ultra-generic domain,, has been sold for six figures. According to a statement made by independent domain broker, Kate Buckley, was sold for $100,000 dollars. Registered in 1998, had been listed for sale on Sedo as well. The term “provider” is heavily associated with health care, and health care providers, primarily in […]

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Rick Schwartz : Politics and social issues become #domain names

Rick Schwartz quit social media and Twitter in particular at the turn of the new year. The Domain King is far from retired, as domain investing has been the core of his business for almost 25 years. Rick refers to his ongoing activity as that of a domain investor, and a domain collector. Rick’s passion […]

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Quick #domain flip : #Racoon .com moves to #BQDN in Dubai is gone, and that was a quick domain flip by Media Options, if ever there was one! After snagging this aged beauty – some say, alternate spelling – of an insanely fun and intelligent animal, Drew Rosener’s company offloaded the domain to James Booth, founder of, added this domain to an expanding […]

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