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April 23, 2019 09:53

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AlpNames Selling Famous Four’s New gTLD Domain Names for $.49 For Rest of 2016

According to an email we just received, the domain name registrar, AlpNames is going with a $.49 registration for domain names for Famous Four Media new gTLD extensions (non-premiums) “From now until the end of the year, ALL AlpNames customers can benefit from some of our lowest ever pricing across 16 AWESOME domain extensions. ” […]

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New Domain Extension .Webcam Loses 60% Of Its Registrations in a Month

.Webcam has lost around 60% of its registrations in the since mid July months according to and .Webcam which is another Famous Four Media owned new gTLD domain extension, which was offered at very low pricing at, had over 97,000 registration on July 15th, before its anniversary date, now has just over […]

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Is The .Party Over? The Domain Extension Loses Over 50% of it’s Registrations In Past Month

The domain name extension .Party has been losing thousands of domain name registrations a day over the last few weeks. The new gTLD domain extension .party launched in February 2015. However in May 2015, after just 5,600 domain names had been registered, offered free .party domain name registrations, then offered deeply discounted .$49 registrations, […]

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SpamHaus now publishing better TLD abuse data

SpamHaus has updated its “10 Most Abused Top Level Domains” list to provide a much more useful insight into abuse levels. Rather than simply showing unexplained percentages of “badness” in each TLD, the spam-fighting organization’s daily report now exposes the hard numbers, in domain terms, underneath. For example, on today’s list Famous Four Media’s .download […]

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Chinese Domain Registrar Moves from 72e.Net To 72.Win

According to a press release out today, Foshan DiYong Network Co. Ltd, a domain name registrar in China has decided to change their domain name, from to the new gTLD .Win is owned and operated by Famous Four Media, and Richard Downs, VP of Sales at Famous Four Media had this to say […]

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Afilias Says .Bet is 11th Most Registered New gTLD; But It’s Really 84th

Afilias put out a press release earlier today claiming that one of it’s new gTLD’s .Bet which was just launched last week, already was the 11th most registered new gTLD, but in reality it’s the 84th most registered new domain extension. Here is how the press release started out: “According to data verified with, […]

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Domain Registration on Record Pace? Over 750K Added Yesterday Alone

Registrations of domain names seem to be going on at a record pace. Yesterday saw the number of domain registrations across all Top Level Domain (TLD) names have a net add of over 750,000 domains according to “Net Add” mean its the amount of domains registered less the number of domain names deleted. The […]

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Famous Four Media Becomes 3rd New gTLD Registry To Pass 1 Million Domains

According to a Press Release out today, Famous Four Media has become the 3rd new gTLD registry to pass one million domain names. Donuts was the first to hit 1,000,000 domain registrations but they  offer well over  100 new domain extensions for sale. .XYZ was the second registry to hit 1,000,000 domain names but they […]

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Famous Four Sells $2.1 Million In Domain Names: 320 Premiums Through Registrar Channel

According to a story out today in Famous Four Media (FFM) is now selling premium domain names in some of their new gTLD extensions through the registrar channel.  Since launching the premium domain program three months ago FFM has sold 320 domains  ranging in 8 pricing levels. “In the month of August, Famous Four […]

Read more Starts Selling Premium .Science, .Party and .Cricket Domains Starting At $230 just send out an email announcing they are starting to sell the premium domain names of three Famous Four Domain extension .Science, .Party and .Cricket and launched These are domain name reserved by the registry and were not available for registration. There are several price points for the premium domains: $230 $575 $1,150 […]

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