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December 10, 2019 01:44

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62% of Small Business Owners Say Facebook Ads Don’t Work; A Personal Domain Appraisal Strategy

Virtual Reality Leads Marketers Down a Tricky Path; This Home Was 3D Printed in Only 24 Hours and for Just $10,000; What Is The Difference Between A Chief Strategy And Chief Marketing Officer? Solar Power Is Now the Cheapest Form of Energy in Almost 60 Countries; Gut-Check Time: Broadcasters Face New Wave of Ratings Woes; […]

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How Donald Trump’s Facebook ads are like a crash course in internet marketing

Trump’s Facebook ads use common internet marketing tactics. Whoever is running Donald Trump’s donation campaigns on Facebook is using a lot of the most common internet marketing tricks. It’s a good lesson in Facebook ads that work, and it’s worth reviewing the ads to understand how to get results from Facebook ads. 1. Time constraint […]

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Stinky domains : GoDaddy ‘skunk’ photo attracts wrong attention!

Advertising about domain services on Facebook, has its pros and cons. It’s a cheap form of reaching out to hundreds or thousands of eyeballs that spend half their lifespan on updating Facebook statuses. At the same time, your target audience might be completely inept to understanding domain names or technology. A post by GoDaddy on […]

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