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January 18, 2020 19:37

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How NameJet has changed over the past four years

Joseph Peterson returns to write about NameJet. The Chinese market implosion and new expired domain deals have changed the face of NameJet since he last wrote. I stopped writing articles about domains at NameJet for DNW about 4 years ago.  “My how time flies!” would be one reaction.  But some things never change.  Or do […]

Read more : Another valuable LLL .com #domain has dropped!

Crazy as it sounds, is now the youngest three letter .com domain in the known cosmos, with a December 13, 2019 registration date. Years after all LLL .com domain permutations were registered, there are still such valuable, short .com domains that expire and drop. How is it possible, that, a domain actively renewed […]

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A four character domain for $16,500? Here’s why

Kassey Lee explains why this seemingly random combination is valuable in China. Here’s how looked in 2011 when an air conditioning company owned it. It’s no fun watching the 4 character (4C) domain space everyday to see prices of many of these domains selling for only $10 to $20. However, once in a while, […]

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I’d bid more if…

Both GoDaddy Auctions and NameJet could make small changes that drive more bidding. I’ve acquired roughly 200 expired domain names this year. Most of these have been on the lower end, pricewise. I’d bid more on auctions, especially the higher-end ones, if the expired domain marketplaces made a couple of simple changes. I’d bid more […]

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Tucows exits its domain name portfolio

Company no longer holds a portfolio of domains for the secondary market. Tucows (NASDAQ: TCX) released its Q3 earnings yesterday. You can see the numbers here (pdf), but they aren’t the headline for the domain segment. Instead, it’s this: after many years of owning its a domain portfolio, Tucows has exited that business. It still […]

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.Org domains with rich history top expired domain sales

A three-word .org domain name with lots of backlinks was the top expired domain sale at last month., circa 2016. Screenshot from’s domain auction platforms grossed nearly $300,000 from sales of domains at $2,000 or more last month. The combined total includes both NameJet and SnapNames. Surprisingly, a three-word .org led the […]

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A few confusing changes at

There have been a few confusing changes at concerning payment. Up until last month when you won an auction you would get an email saying: “You currently have items in your DropCatch account that require payment. Please login to your DropCatch account and complete payment at your earliest convenience. ” You then needed to […]

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This is a dirty way to use an expired domain

A double amputee let his domain expire. Someone bought it for online gambling. Not cool: the buyer of this expired domain re-purposed a site by a double amputee into an online gambling site. Earlier this year, the domain name expired. It was used by a double amputee who successfully competed in an Ironman Triathlon. […]

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Good luck buying expired Uniregistry and Epik domains at Dynadot!

Uniregistry expired domains have been auctioning at Dynadot for quite a few days now and buyers are already frustrated. Although it (Uniregistry auctioning expired domains at Dynadot) was first announced yesterday by Page Howe, Mark Hershiser a well known domainer and blogger has already bought many Uniregistry expired domains at Dynadot only to find days […]

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Glitch causes GoDaddy auction confusion

You won the auction! Or not. A glitch caused a GoDaddy auction bidder to think he’d won an auction, only to end up the runner up. The bidder sent a screenshot to Domain Name Wire showing that he’d won the auction for But the bidder was in for a surprise. He wrote: Notice I […]

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