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April 4, 2020 23:21

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End user research helps me decide whether to acquire a domain

Kassey Lee explains the process he went through when evaluating an expired domain for purchase. I was watching Godaddy Auctions today and found the expiring domain Since “yoga” is a popular keyword, I decided to look into this domain. First, I checked LinkedIn but found no company using the name “Yoga Young”. Google search […]

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Terrible #Marketing : One of the #Domain King’s droppings gets re-registered

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, embraced the registration of meaningful new gTLDs early on in the game. Rick went after gTLD domains where keyword+gTLD formed a pair that made sense. Eventually, the experienced domainer dropped most of these domains, focusing instead on the classic extensions, .com, .net and .org. Terrible.Marketing, one of the Domain King’s […]

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What GoDaddy’s acquisition of Uniregistry means for domain investors

Less competition for expired domains, but less competition for registrars, too. Earlier today, GoDaddy announced that it is acquiring Uniregistry and Frank Schilling’s domain name portfolio. Here are some ways this will impact the domain name industry. Less competition for expired domains: Let’s start with some good news for domain name investors: Frank will no […]

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Namejet and Snapnames combine domain auction inventory

NameJet and Snapnames announced they will be combining their registrar expiry domain names into one domain auction inventory. NameJet and SnapNames have been doing this with drop catching auctions since 2017. You will now be able to bid on the same expired domains from either platform. Not sure if this is enough to save these 2 […]

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NameJet and SnapNames inventory to become one

Customers only need to place backorders on one site. NameJet and SnapNames domain name inventory is being integrated so that both platforms have the same inventory. now owns both domain marketplaces, so it makes sense for the inventory to show on both sites. Any registrars that have direct-transfer expired domain deals with SnapNames will […]

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GoDaddy adds search and watchlist capabilities to Investor App

No more visits to GoDaddy Auctions. You can now search for domains from within the Investor app and add them to your watchlist or place a bid. GoDaddy has added search functionality to its Investor app. Until now, domain name investors had to place an initial bid or place a domain on their watchlist on […]

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How NameJet has changed over the past four years

Joseph Peterson returns to write about NameJet. The Chinese market implosion and new expired domain deals have changed the face of NameJet since he last wrote. I stopped writing articles about domains at NameJet for DNW about 4 years ago.  “My how time flies!” would be one reaction.  But some things never change.  Or do […]

Read more : Another valuable LLL .com #domain has dropped!

Crazy as it sounds, is now the youngest three letter .com domain in the known cosmos, with a December 13, 2019 registration date. Years after all LLL .com domain permutations were registered, there are still such valuable, short .com domains that expire and drop. How is it possible, that, a domain actively renewed […]

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A four character domain for $16,500? Here’s why

Kassey Lee explains why this seemingly random combination is valuable in China. Here’s how looked in 2011 when an air conditioning company owned it. It’s no fun watching the 4 character (4C) domain space everyday to see prices of many of these domains selling for only $10 to $20. However, once in a while, […]

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I’d bid more if…

Both GoDaddy Auctions and NameJet could make small changes that drive more bidding. I’ve acquired roughly 200 expired domain names this year. Most of these have been on the lower end, pricewise. I’d bid more on auctions, especially the higher-end ones, if the expired domain marketplaces made a couple of simple changes. I’d bid more […]

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