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December 17, 2018 06:58

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How expired domains can lead to credit card theft

Well here’s something I never thought of – criminals are using expired domain names to steal credit card numbers. As a domain investor I see expired domains as potential investment, I’m less concerned with if there was or wasn’t a site on the domain in the past, I’m more interested in who might want to […]

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Where do you go to buy expired domain names?

So as humans we are creatures of habit. I’ve found that for myself, especially when it comes to buying expired domains. For years now I’ve been buying at essentially two places – Go Daddy Auction and The other day I was thinking to myself, why do I keep using the same services? Of course, […]

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Three 5N .COMs are in the top ten Go Daddy expiring auctions this week

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I can’t stop noticing the trend – 5N .COMs are seeing really active bidding and four-figure prices in the aftermarket. Looking at the expired domain auctions ahead this week at Go Daddy three of the ten highest priced auctions are 5N .COMs. Here’s a look […]

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REO #Speedwagon : Music legends dropped dictionary #domain registered in 1996 !

Legendary rock group, REO Speedwagon, are still popular to this day. Formed in 1967, the band cultivated a following during the 70’s and achieved significant commercial success throughout the 80’s. REO Speedwagon operates from the domain name, which has a registration date of 2001. Around the same time, they acquired the domain from […]

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#GoDaddy auctions : Who will pick up the domain #Theranos .com?

RIP Theranos. The technology corporation known for its false claims to have devised blood tests that only needed very small amounts of blood, is closing its doors permanently. Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes, is now facing criminal charges, alleging that the company defrauded investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. The company’s dissolution will definitely […]

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Did someone register a new TLD domain you let drop? Don’t despair

They likely paid a lot less money than your renewal fee would have been. If you track domain names in your portfolio even after you let domains expire, you probably notice that people register the domains you let go. That can be an emotional feeling, especially if the next registrant is an end user. Would […]

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GoDaddy Auctions is pulling back some expired domains that were at Endurance

Domains from partner registrar were mistakenly sent to GoDaddy for auctioning. Over the weekend, a Domain Name Wire reader noticed that expired domain names from some domain name registrars had been pulled from GoDaddy Auctions. This included domain names that already had bids. When I looked the domains up, it seemed that some of them […]

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Normally there is one name that really catches my eye when I’m looking at expired domains. You know that feeling where you see a name and wonder how the owner forgot to renew it. Today when I went to look on Go Daddy auctions I found a handful of really solid names that are dropping […]

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Expired domain name blows past $24,000…but why did it expire in the first place?

Well whoever owned is likely kicking themselves right now, or if they’re reading this article, they are emailing Go Daddy to pay their $10 renewal fee. The domain has already exceeded $24,000 and there are more than five days left in the auction. This is also a case where Estibot certainly seems to have […]

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Lies or ignorance? #GoDaddy rep claims expired #domains can’t be transferred out

A frustrated domain investor was told that expired domain names at GoDaddy aren’t officially his. This incredible statement came from a GoDaddy representative, when domainer Dan Sanchez asked to obtain the authorization codes for expired domains in his account. Unlike what the official domain transfer policy at GoDaddy states, Dan Sanchez was told that the […]

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