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March 30, 2020 15:21

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How To Change Your Facebook Settings To Opt Out of Platform API Sharing

Are the fortunes of newGTLD sales on the turn? What you need to know about Facebook’s data debacle; This $7,500 3-D printed electric car took three days to make; Ask Your Coworkers What They Make. You’ll Earn More; A Realistic, Positive Picture of the State of Humanity; Overbooked: Expedia and Priceline battle the digital duopoly; […]

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6 Reasons Your Website Visitors Are Not Turning Into Customers; Why Sears is Failing

The Future Of Advertising In A Responsive World; How Campbell’s And Other CPG Brands Are Experimenting With Watson Ads; Why Personal Branding Still Matters; Linked phones encrypt sex tapes, require consent to view; As Snapdeal sinks deeper in the quicksand, more executives leave; YouTube ditches unskippable 30-second ads; Alphabet’s Waymo Way Ahead of the Self-Driving […]

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Expedia Buys HomeAway for $3.9B, yes B for Billion

Austin-based HomeAway sold for $3.9 billion dollars to Expedia today. It’s a big number but it might surprise you know that AirBnB is valued about six-times that but suffice it to say, the vacation rental space is booming. “We have long had our eyes on the fast-growing $100 billion alternative accommodations space and have been building on […]

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