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January 25, 2020 08:27

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#Crypto boffin : #Vitalik Buterin has a web site, and it’s not #Ethereum .com

Ethereum project co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, is an outspoken opponent of .com domains. In a tweet last summer, Buterin called .com domain names “boring.” Born in Russia in 1994, the Ethereum co-founder seems to prefer more exotic TLDs, such as dot .IO and dot .ME. So what is the personal web site of Vitalik Buterin? One […]

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#Crypto #domains : #Ethereum .com owner #HODLing for $1 dollar

The owners of are not in a rush to sell, and are currently #HODLing the premium cryptodomain. Priced at $10 million dollars, has received a bid at that amount, according to its landing page. “We’re waiting for that extra dollar that will motivate the seller,” said the domain broker buddy’s nephew, on condition […]

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#Ethereum .com : Seller’s note claims $10 million reserve has been met

We’ve been following the sales notes posted on, a domain first registered many moons ago. During the past few months, shared offers of several million dollars, all while the Ethereum Project’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, appeared uninterested in the aged allure of .com domains. The Ethereum Project’s trademark activities on the USPTO and via […]

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#Crypto : If #Ethereum hits $1,000 dollars, will the .com owners seek more money?

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin have been on a wild rise in 2017. In recent days, Bitcoin hit $11,444 dollars and Ethereum raced past $500 dollars. Earlier this week, a major market correction brought the two largest cryptocurrencies substsantially down; BTC traded in the $8,500 dollar range and ETH went as low as […]

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