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January 18, 2020 03:57

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Who IS This Guy? What is the value of NAME recognition?

7 Key Strategies That You Must Learn from Apple’s Marketing; 5 Brand Reputation Management Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know; It’s not all about digital music: An old vinyl record factory gets new life; A day in the life of one of Etsy’s most prolific sellers — a 31-year-old who turned her side hustle into […]

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How To Find Success Late In Life; How Far in Debt Should Your Business Go?

Pirate Bay Loses New Domain Name, Hydra Lives On; Here’s how Google’s Mobilegeddon is hitting SMBs; Why You Should Hire a Vet; Take Two Minutes to Show You’re Different: Say Thank you; LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman on the biggest lie employers tell employees; How I Failed In Digital Advertising; How I Failed In Digital Advertising; […]

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The Difference Between Knowing the Name of Something and Knowing Something

Brilliant MUST Read for Every Namer: Knowing the name of something doesn’t mean you understand it; Apple Inc.’s iPhone 6 Just Claimed 72% of This Massive Market;10 Habits of Financially Successful People; How to Get Your Foot in the Door the Right Way; Denial-of-service attacks hit more than a dozen retail sites in Q1; WordPress […]

Read more on a Roll; @$145 Forecast- Apple Shares Could Return 25% in a Year; 3D Printed Gamepad Uses Bluefruit EZ-Key Module

The Apple car: What we know; Did Lenovo choose profit over reputation? These 3 Tests Reveal How Happy You Are At Work; Billion Dollar Unicorns: The Market Awaits Etsy’s IPO; “Shark Tank’ investor Kevin O’Leary assigns almost everyone one of 5 money..Google’s new CAPTCHA security login raises ‘legitimate privacy concerns’; Move to one-touch checkout boosts […]

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Apple Partnership Drives Alibaba To New $100 High; Jack Ma Going Hollywood?

Going to TRAFFIC? 7 Simple Ways You Can Get More Out of Conferences and..Mad Men and What You Need to Know About Their Software; See How Amazon Muscles In On Its Own Marketplace Vendors’ Best Sellers; (irony in headline?) Google searching for cancer cure; Amazon’s Spending Leads to Biggest Quarterly Loss in 14 Years; The […]

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Google Responds To Mass Negative SEO Extortion Emails

PLUS: 30-Year-Old Who Sold His Startup For $170 Million; 5 Tweaks to Your Website That Could Increase Sales 300%; Great READS TSW Announces the 2014 Top 50 Sales Blogs; Estsy Officially Launches Wholesale Business; Berlin Bans Uber, Taxi Drivers Cheer; 5 Types of Friends Everyone Should Have; Your Next Hire: The Storyteller-Technologist Hybrid Your Next […]

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6 Etsy Sellers that Have Made $600,000 by Selling Phone Cases Online

Domains are not the center of the universe. As Etsy proves, there are millions of ways to make 6-7 figures online no domain even required. PLUS… Barbara Cocoran just wants to have fun! The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations Of The Future; Noncompete Clauses Increasingly Pop Up in Array of Jobs (freelancers pay attention) even after AOL […]

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Oscar / GoDaddy Suit Hell For Parking; Sean Parker: Still an Asshole; ESPN Makes $10 Billion a Year & Google Reader Alternatives

PLUS Etsy conference room names …Welcome to the start of a long 4th of July week vacation for some. That in mind, also this morning: 11 Cocktails Inspired by Tech Visionaries; The Uptown Sour, a New York Summer Staple and since you’ll want to catch up on your reading on the beach With Google Reader shutting […]

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