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February 28, 2020 02:16

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Back From The Grave. Did You Miss Me? Billionaires Buy Hawaii

It’s almost impossible to keep me offline less than ten minutes so when I disappear for nearly a week, you know I must have been sick as a dog. The flu or whatever it was really knocked me for a loop. Meanwhile the biggest news is that start of the end of cable which has […]

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Oscar / GoDaddy Suit Hell For Parking; Sean Parker: Still an Asshole; ESPN Makes $10 Billion a Year & Google Reader Alternatives

PLUS Etsy conference room names …Welcome to the start of a long 4th of July week vacation for some. That in mind, also this morning: 11 Cocktails Inspired by Tech Visionaries; The Uptown Sour, a New York Summer Staple and since you’ll want to catch up on your reading on the beach With Google Reader shutting […]

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