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January 25, 2020 07:22

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DomainTools: Expanding WHOIS in the new Internet era

With only a handful of gTLDs having gone live at the root servers, there is very little activity currently in the expanded Internet lanes. But this doesn’t mean that companies immersed in domain data aren’t preparing for the ‘Big Flood‘ – the big push of domain (re)branding that will manifest a huge change in how […]

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Nine Donuts gTLDs delegated

Donuts has had a batch of nine new gTLDs delegated to the DNS root today. The nine strings are: .ventures, .camera, .clothing, .lighting, .singles, .voyage, .guru, .holdings and .equipment. All belong to various Donuts subsidiaries that have signed Registry Agreements with ICANN over the last few months. At this precise moment it does not seem […]

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Donuts first gTLD sunrise slated for October 29

Donuts has reportedly become the first new gTLD registry to announce its first sunrise periods. According to BrandShelter, part of the KeyDrive registrar group, nine of Donuts gTLDs will enter sunrise on October 29. The nine are: .camera, .clothing, .equipment, .guru, .holdings, .lighting, .singles, .ventures and .voyage. The sunrise periods will last 60 days, BrandShelter […]

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