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January 17, 2019 05:19

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#Equifax UDRP : More than 100 #domain names are denied transfer at the #WIPO

Equifax isn’t happy with the negative publicity it receives after the massive security breach, involving private information on millions of Americans. In recent months, following the registrations of Equifax domains, the company has been taking the registrants through the UDRP process, attempting to reclaim these domains. So far, Equifax – that trades using the EFX […]

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A scandalous data breach at Equifax affecting millions of consumers has exposed personal information, including credit card numbers. The credit reporting bureau scrambled to provide a search feature and information about the incident, but things aren’t looking good. Today, Equifax stock dipped to $90 dollars per share, down from $143 in August, before rising up […]

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