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December 14, 2019 04:35

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Drone attorney: Enrico Schaefer & partners embrace the future with new service

Drone technology is a wonderful thing, and while it creates new exciting services such as drone delivery, many things are awaiting to be addressed. Flying unmanned drones for commercial purposes is still a prohibited activity in the US. The airspace will eventually be zoned in areas of altitude in order to ensure safety and privacy […]

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The One Question You Need to Ask Yourself before You Say Anything; Vision for Bitcoin is Beginning to Fade

How To Turn Your Google Plus Profile From Blah to Fantastic; Trademark Attorney Speaks on new gTLDS & Cybersquatting; Great Companies Are Making All Meetings Optional; Google AdWords Upgrades URLs for Better Tracking; Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom; Amazon Prime Is One of the Most Bizarre Good Business Ideas Ever; […]

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Rethink (.Domains) — "Good Riddance .com!

Ace Internet IP attorney, Enrico Schaefer of Traverse Legal (and author of featured legal advice on The Frager Factor) notes on his Facebook feed: “Facebook antiquated software platform can’t handle new gTLD hyperlinks when included in the main post. See the screenshot below. Note Facebook cuts the TLD ‘.today’ off as ‘.toda’.  If Facebook can’t handle […]

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Enrico Schaefer doesn’t mind all rules, just the ones imposed by tradition, society, religion or government.

“The platform is not nearly as important as the content and conversation.” Good Afternoon Folks, When I stumbled upon Enrico’s quote from his BRILLIANT Frager factor guest post in my book of VIP archives for May 2009, I also came across an interesting blog post (in hindsight) by Eric Elkins on where Eric argues […]

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