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August 24, 2019 23:07

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21 end user domain name sales

An event venue in Montreal, a Milwaukee apartments company, and ClassPass bought domain names this past week. The creators of the PY1 venue in Montreal bought They use for their website. Photo from This week’s list of end user domain sales at Sedo doesn’t have any big-ticket domains, but it makes up […]

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18 end user domain name sales up to £50,000

A French fishing magazine, several tech and engineering firms and a British furniture company bought domain names last week. Sedo had some nice end user domain name sales over the past week. The top sale of is still in escrow but I wonder if the buyer is the bank that uses for its […]

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The company that paid $825,000 for just bought for $10,000. This week’s top public sale at Sedo was a new top level domain: for $29,999. I can’t figure out the buyer but it’s worth noting that buy.gameS was also purchased recently, suggesting that someone is getting ready to start a games website […]

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A baker’s dozen end user domain name sales

A healthcare investment company, a Swedish auto parts manufacturer and a seller of “flight cases” bought domain names. This week we have a baker’s dozen end user sales that transacted on the Sedo marketplace and Sedo MLS, including a good list of country code domains (and even a new TLD). You can view previous lists […]

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19 end user domain sales up to $150,000

A marketing automation software provider, a food processing company and a cryptocurrency investment firm all bought domain names last week. Last week’s newsworthy sale of has officially transferred making it this week’s #1 sale and the top end user sale from Sedo this past week. It was a good week for end user sales […]

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11 more end user domain name sales

A clothing Designer, a project management company and a discount travel site bought domain names last week. This week we have a rarity: a .net domain name was the second highest sale among end user sales I found at Sedo. sold for $10K. That and were the only 5-figure sales from last week that […]

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15 more end user sales up to $25K

Several web design and development companies, a personal finance service provider, a British boutique law firm and a healthcare service comparison tool bought domain names last week. It was a solid week for end user domain sales as Sedo. was the top end user sale this week (that I could identify) at nearly $25K, but […]

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11 recent end user domain name sales

A software company, chatbot customer service tech company and padlock maker bought domain names. DNW readers tell me they get a lot of value out of the end user domain sales lists. Unfortunately, these are going to be much harder to create with obscured Whois records. It can still be done, but I’ll have to […]

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End user domain name sales including a $60k .bio sale

Take a look at these strong end user domain name sales. Sedo had a strong week for end user domain name sales including a huge new TLD sale: for €49,900, which is about $60,000 USD. The company also had a three-character .com end user sale, a couple of cryptocurrency related sales and more. Here’s […]

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19 end user domain sales up to $55,000

Here are some of the domain names that end users bought at Sedo over the past week. Sedo’s public sales over the past week were led by, which sold for $55,000 and now forwards to Other sales include a brand name purchase by an anti-fatigue mat maker, a tech company that uses .cn […]

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