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November 21, 2019 01:06

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Alert : is a stolen domain name currently

Warning: The domain name has been stolen. Its legitimate owner is being represented by and the domainer-friendly law firm is in the process of getting it back. There are, however, some interesting points to outline in this domain-related crime. Jozsef Hollosi acquired in 1994, setting up a personal web site called Hollosi […]

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Official data show effects of Chinese domain investment bonanza

What happened in December, the one year anniversary of the Chinese investment bananza. ICANN just published data from Verisign about .com activity in December. This was the one year anniversary of lots of Chinese speculative registrations, and the deletions were massive. eName had 794,258 domains delete. HiChina saw 532,231 names delete. 22net had 125,766 deletions. […]

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Chinese registrars lose of lot of .com, but HiChina picks up domains from others

Official data from November show some interesting domain movement. ICANN just published data from Verisign about .com activity in November. This was right in the thick of the anniversary of the “Chinese surge” and the data show it. GoDaddy has the most expired deletions because it’s the biggest, but check out these huge deletion numbers […]

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Domain crime : is a stolen domain name

After several months of quiet time, Chinese domain registrar emerges once again as the registrar of choice for the transfer of a stolen domain name. The domain was stolen very recently, and was transferred away from Says its legitimate owner, who is based in Hong Kong: “I spent hours reading many articles […]

Read more : Stolen domain taken from its Chinese thief via UDRP

A Chinese domain thief was forced to return the stolen domain via the UDRP process. Back in July, we wrote about the Portuguese company EDP – Energias de Portugal, S.A. filing the case; we correctly speculated that the domain, which had been transferred away to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename, had been stolen. In […]

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Chinese domain market report : eName news “cock up” with copied parody story

The Chinese domain market is busy, despite the drop in volume and average prices, for the “domain Chip” category. China’s brightest domain investors gathered last month to discuss the present and future of domain investing, at the World Domain Conference. Recently, the Chinese government ordered popular portals to not produce their own news; the latter […]

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eName is now a public company

Chinese domain name company goes public. Four months ago I wrote that Chinese domain name company eName was going public. As of yesterday, the company is now publicly traded. China consultancy Allegravita has translated eName’s press release about going public. You can read the translation in full here (pdf). Some highlights include: – at year-end […]

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eName Goes Public In China

 eName, the Chinese domain name registrar and marketplace, has officially gone public in China today as announced by the company. It claims to be the third listed domain-related company. Stock code is 838413 although I was not able to confirm it with any of the 3 stock exchanges in China: Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. According […]

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Breaking: eName announces Initial Public Offering

Chinese domain name company announces IPO. eName has announced its plans to go public, following the merger/acquisition of earlier this year. The company had 2015 revenue of 260 million(CNY) ($40 million USD) and net income is 27.9 million(CNY) ($4.3 million). That compares to 2014 revenue of 168 million(CNY) ($26 million USD) and net income […]

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Breaking: eName acquires

eName now listed as sole shareholder of GoldenName entity. Consolidation in the Chinese domain name market has begun. Based on a Chinese corporation document and discussions with industry sources, Domain Name Wire has confirmed that eName now owns domain marketplace Sources tell Domain Name Wire that and other properties under the GoldenName umbrella […]

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