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August 22, 2019 04:57

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FMA liquidation : Elequa adds almost 10,000 domains to the Uniregistry Market

Legendary domain investor, Elequa, has sent almost 10,000 domains from his aged, premium portfolio to the Uniregistry Market. Up until now, these domains were pointed to, but now this premium LLL .com domain is up for sale as well – the minimum offer is $5,000 dollars. Future Media Architects, the portfolio manager web site […]

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Chinese domain market report : Elequa’s big Chip sale

As China is approaching the one year anniversary of a dreadful stock market crash, business is as usual at the world’s 2nd largest economy. With $5 trillion dollars in losses during the crash, many Chinese turned to alternate investments, such as bitcoin and even domain names. Seeing how the domain market rises and falls along […]

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Elequa domains : NNNN .com and LLLL .com domain list at FMA

Last month we covered the select domain portfolio of NNNN .net domains owned by Future Media Architects. The company manages the domains of popular domain investor Elequa, who has been liquidating LLL .com and NNNN .com domains with the help of Chinese domain brokers. Many domain investors are curious to know what type of gems […]

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Elequa’s numeric domains : Ripe for the Chinese domain market!

Where are Elequa‘s domains up for sale at? Dozens of LLL .com and NNNN .com domains belonging to the famous domain investor, have been sent to a brokerage in China; the deal appears to be coordinated by Domain Name Sales. After six weekly installments of that report, we have not seen any activity in recent […]

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Elequa’s LLL .com domain portfolio in Chinese hands – Part Trois

Domain investor Elequa is selling or has sold a huge stash of LLL .com domains to the Chinese; when we covered the original domain portfolio, it contained NNNN .com domains as well. Part two was smaller, but only for a short while, as part three – or trois in French for dramatic emphasis – is […]

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