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August 24, 2019 08:50

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EFF whitepaper compares registry policies, disses new TLDs

Paper points to questionable rights protection mechanisms in new TLDs. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Public Knowledge have released a whitepaper comparing policies across various domain name registries, and warning domain registrants to be wary of new top level domain names. The whitepaper points to added rights protection mechanisms in new top level domains, such […]

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Angry reactions to “UDRP for copyright”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Internet Commerce Association are among those expressing initial concern about the introduction of a new “UDRP for copyright” mechanism by the Domain Name Association. The EFF said the DNA’s new proposals want registries to become “private arbiters of online speech”, while the ICA expressed concern that the proposals could circumvent […]

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“Shadow content policing” fears at ICANN 57

Fears that the domain name industry is becoming a stooge for “shadow regulation” of web content were raised, and greeted very skeptically, over the weekend at ICANN 57. Attendees yesterday heard concerns from non-commercial stakeholders, notably the Electronic Frontier Foundation, that deals such as Donuts’ content-policing agreement with the US movie industry amount to regulation […]

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Electronic Frontier Foundation takes down spoof malware site

Site was spreading malware under “Pawn Storm”. It’s a bit ironic, really. Electronic Frontier Foundation, which defends privacy and online freedoms, was itself spoofed in an attempt to spread malware. The organization has won control of the spoof site,, through a cybersquatting complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization. The domain name was used as […]

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