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December 7, 2019 03:38

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Five Ways to Kill Off Your Career; $99 brand names with Make Offer selling fast; Lyft Ditches Mustache

First-ever Comic Con cruise sets sail in January; Amazon sues alleged counterfeit sellers; America needs a post-election brand refresh: who can do the job? It’s the law: Electric cars must make noise after September 2019; 5 Brand Makeovers That Will Get Your Customer’s Attention; 5 Secrets to Out-Brand, Out-Innovate and Out-Execute Your Competition; Things You’re […]

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How Jerry Yang Killed Yahoo, By Saving It; Domain Name Antics: Protecting and Promoting Your Reputation Online

Yahoo’s Sale to Verizon Ends an Era for a Web Pioneer; Sponsored Content Takes Larger Role in Media Companies; Google Study Shows Video Content Become More Important for Ads and Multi-Device Marketing; How One Millennial Entrepreneur Created His Ideal Digital Footprint; Apple veteran takes driver’s seat in electric car project and.. One of Mark Cuban’s […]

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What does Apple buying car-related domain names tell us?

Like a virtual wave making its way across the Internet news broke today that Apple bought a number of car-related domain names like and We’ve known for a while now that Apple is working on their own car but these registration sparked rumors that we could be approaching a time where Apple jumps […]

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Poll: How much is the domain worth?

Tesla Motors is one of the true technological forces of the 21st century, innovating the automotive market with their electric car, the Tesla. Its upcoming expansion in China has now been secured, after trademark disputes with a Chinese businessman, Zhan Baosheng, have been settled. Despite all that, the domain name, registered on November 4th, […]

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Next big ideas from ‘Idea Man’ Paul Allen; Richard Branson Knows How To Throw a Party

PLUS: AngelList Syndicates Will Also Pit Angel Against Angel: Both Porsche and Range Rover step up to EV; 3 Ways Content Will Be Affected by Google’s Latest Hummingbird Update; How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy that Rocks… and  gTLDS—How Open Should a Startup CEO Be with Staff? Owen Frager How Open Should a Startup […]

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