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December 11, 2018 02:38

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As .wed goes EBERO, did the first new gTLD just fail?

A wedding-themed gTLD with a Bizarro World business model may become the first commercial gTLD to outright fail. .wed, run by a small US outfit named Atgron, has become the first non-brand gTLD to be placed under ICANN’s emergency control, after it lost its back-end provider. DI understands that Atgron’s arrangement with its small New […]

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Wedding crashed : #ICANN designates emergency registry operator for .Wed #domains

ICANN announced that the dot .Wed registry, Atgron, Inc., sustained a Registration Data Directory Services failure. In other words, the .Wed domain database was kicked in the gonads, and according to ICANN’s procedures, an Emergency Back-End Registry Operator (EBERO) was allocated – in this case, Nominet. Such emergencies are rare, but in the case of […]

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Second emergency registry tested with dead dot-brand

ICANN is running its second test of the Emergency Back-End Registry Operator system, designed as a failover for bankrupt gTLDs. This time, the EBERO under the microscope is CORE Association, one of the three approved providers. It this week took over operation of .mtpc, a dot-brand gTLD that Mitsubishi applied for, was delegated, never used, […]

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ICANN tests emergency registry with dead dot-brand

ICANN is running a test of its Emergency Back-End Registry Operator program, using the dead dot-brand gTLD .doosan as its guinea pig. Doosan Group, a large Korean conglomerate, decided to kill off its gTLD, .doosan, last September. ICANN revealed the news in October. The dot-brand had never been put to productive use and really only […]

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ICANN security advisor predicts “hundreds” of new gTLDs will “go dark”

A security company led by a member of ICANN’s top security committee reckons that “hundreds” of new gTLDs are set to fail, leading to web sites “going dark”. Internet Identity, which provides threat data services, made the prediction in a press release this week. IID’s CTO, quoted in the release, is Rod Rasmussen. He’s a […]

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