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November 15, 2019 07:28

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Duane Forrester : All you need to know about crypto is here!

Duane Forrester, is a search marketing guru and author, that worked at several high profile companies, including Microsoft Bing. At the original NamesCon in 2014, Duane Forrester delivered the closing keynote speech, a session that was extremely fun and rewarding. A modern era “Renaissance man,” Duane spends considerable time researching new trends and new technologies, […]

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Duane Forrester : Bing SEO guru leaving Microsoft!

Microsoft Bing “guru”, Duane Forrester, is leaving Microsoft after 8 years; the shocking news was announced at his blog. The Canadian lead of Webmaster Tools at Bing, will remain at his position until Friday, November 13th: “My last day, after almost 8 years with Microsoft, will be November 13th. I know, I know…ominous, right? Friday […]

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Microsoft: Duane Forrester returns to Bing!

Great news for SEO fans worldwide! Search Engine and marketing wizard, Duane Forrester, returned to his good old spot at Bing – less than two months after he was laid off due to Microsoft’s “restructuring”. Apparently, Microsoft – mother company of Bing – realized what a grave mistake they made, when they let Duane Forrester […]

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Project C.Y.B.O.R.G. aims at putting Microsoft back on the “glass” wearable market

With interest in Google’s tightly-controlled Glass turning lukewarm, Microsoft corporation announced the existence of Project C.Y.B.O.R.G. Allegedly standing for Control Your Bing Operating Rendering Glass, the project takes over where it last left more than a decade ago, when Microsoft founder Bill Gates was still the CEO. “Cybernetic deep meta-processing of contextual imagery is just […]

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Matt Cutts vs. Duane Forrester on SEO: Who wins?

Duane Forrester made an impressive closing session presentation and continued to interact with attendees long after its end, during NamesCon 2014 in Las Vegas. The man in charge of the Microsoft Bing webmaster tools, released a Monday salvo today; this time debunking a series of popular SEO myths set forth by Google and Matt Cutts. […]

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