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November 21, 2019 17:01

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Sex, Drugs, and Silicon Valley… ("Oh My God, This Is So F—ed Up”)

While Bitcoin Soared, Crypto Domain Names Served Up Prime Online Real Estate In 2017; Sessions’s unwise move on marijuana may backfire; 15 Ways To Bridge The Gap Between Social Media And In-Store Experience; Here’s a look at the massive new campus Google wants to build; 10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You; Tencent gets […]

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Rolling In The Dough: Drugs 101; The Jeff Bezos Empire in One Giant Chart

7 Steps To Survive Your Company’s Re-Org; Why So Many Top Hackers Hail from Russia; Wal-Mart to Vendors: Get Off Amazon’s Cloud; Media Companies Are Getting Sick of Facebook; “You are more likely to be let go of a job after age 55 than you are as a teenager..; 3 Reasons You Should Try ‘Google […]

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Nearly one million Android phones infected by hackers; Live Every Day Like You’re on Mushrooms

FDA approves clinical trials of ecstasy; Legal raids in five countries seize botnet servers, sinkhole 800,000+ domains; 10 domain name secrets to repair your online reputation; Nikola Motors Receives $2.3 Billion In Pre-Order Sales For New Electric Truck; Analysis: Between 2000 And 2010, 85% Of Manufacturing Jobs Were Lost To Technology, Not Globalization; Apple said […]

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‘There were bags of drugs, I was having sex with a stranger’; How to have kids without destroying your career

Inbox Zero is BS; 5 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Stop Talking Immediately; Inside Israel’s Secret Startup Machine; Fatal accidents involving stoned drivers soar where pot was legalized; I’ve eaten on $2 a day and tried living on an $8.15-an-hour salary in New York City; Will Millennials ever be able to retire? Here are the US […]

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Flippa In The News; Stay Up Late, Do More Drugs, & Have More Sex

New Names For These Pups ; Five Strategies to Boost Customer Retention; Check out These are the top 10 in-demand jobs of 2015; A Man Goes On ‘Shark Tank’ and Gets His Life’s Work Ripped to Shreds. Now Watch Him Turn the tables; Company that posts glitter to your enemies is sold for $100,000; How to […]

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RIP Michael C. Rupert: Truth Teller, Sherpa and A Great Loss To The World

IN MEMORIAM MICHAEL C. RUPPERT, February 3, 1951–April 13, 2014.  Today, we lost an incredibly intelligent, passionate and brave man. Michael Ruppert was a true warrior in defense of the planet. Mike’s writings, and the film (Collapse) made about him, brought awareness to a lot of people. For that, and for his fierce determination to […]

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