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October 20, 2019 16:09

You are browsing the archive for DropCatch. : #Alibaba company typo #domain bid on by #Chinese speculators

AliExpress is an online retail service based in China, owned by the Alibaba Group. Launched in 2010, it is made up of small businesses in China and other Asian locations, offering products to international buyers. The web site commands a lot of traffic, and it comes as no surprise that a typo,, is currently […]

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#Undergraduate .com : #DropCatch made a ton of money from a twice sold #domain name

The DropCatch auction for ended yesterday, and the domain auction platform made a ton of cold cash from its sale. It’s not just the $14,050 dollars that a freshly registered, generic .com domain fetched, it’s the crazy fact that was sold – twice – in the past! According to historical sales data from […]

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#UCF Bros : #Domainer students bidding heavily on #Undergraduate .com

A group of poor students that are also domain investors, are bidding heavily on currently. The live domain auction at DropCatch is attracting the entrepreneurial student group, whose finances are challenged by heavy student loans. “Me and my bros are bidding on because it’s a cool domain, and we pool our money,” said […]

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#TopToken .com : Cryptocurrency #domain auction jumps in final minutes at #DropCatch

Many public auctions at DropCatch get really busy in the final minutes, as in the case of . The seemingly cryptocurrency-related domain name auction attracted several bidders, and intense bidding that extended the auction in 5 minute increments for several hours. Eventually, the auction ended and the domain was sold for $3,852 dollars. A […]

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#DropCatch : Former #domain of REO #Speedwagon sells for four figures

We’ve been watching the auction of the premium domain, a former asset of rock legends REO Speedwagon. The domain dropped a few days ago, and was caught by DropCatch – a top notch domain catching service. The ensuing auction started low, and when we covered the event, it was at $360 dollars. is […]

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REO #Speedwagon : Music legends dropped dictionary #domain registered in 1996 !

Legendary rock group, REO Speedwagon, are still popular to this day. Formed in 1967, the band cultivated a following during the 70’s and achieved significant commercial success throughout the 80’s. REO Speedwagon operates from the domain name, which has a registration date of 2001. Around the same time, they acquired the domain from […]

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LLL #domain : Auction of ended at #DropCatch at five figures

The DropCatch auction for, the youngest three letter .com domain name on the planet, has ended. A bit of a background story. Originally registered in 1997 by a Japanese registrant, dropped, all thanks to some undeliverable email, after a Japanese ISP changed its internal services. The domain was caught by DropCatch, and 74 […]

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LLL #domain : Auction of RXJ .com ended at #DropCatch at expected price range

The auction of ended moments ago at DropCatch, and the newest three letter .com domain on the planet will soon have a new owner. After a whopping 232 bids from 69 bidders, the auction of, a three letter domain consisting of perfectly “Chinese premium” letters, ended at $25,715 dollars. The high bidder was […]

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#RXJ .com : World’s youngest three letter .com #domain is going cheap!

The three letter domain dropped a little over two days ago. As with many other valuable domains, it was caught by DropCatch, the domain-dropcatching sidekick of HugeDomains. is now being auctioned at DropCatch, with a day to go and a current high bid of $14,250 dollars. Originally registered in 2000, this “Chinese premium […]

Read more : Generic #domain about #TLDs ends at five figures!

As we predicted, the domain name ended at five figures at DropCatch. After a long auction, the domain ended up at $11,161 dollars. WOW! There is no way that an “end user” bid on this domain-specific domain name; some domain investor really wanted this domain about TLDs! 😀 Spending “five figs” as one would […]

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