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November 12, 2019 10:44

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#DropCatch does it again: is the newest #LLL .com #domain on the planet!

DropCatch has done it again, grabbing the domain after it expired and dropped. Last week, it was – a domain that was sold for $25,715 dollars. The newest three letter .com (LLL) on the planet has a registration date of May 13, 2018. Originally registered in 1997, is a premium “Chinese letters” […]

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ICANN expects to lose 750 registrars in the next year

ICANN is predicting that about 750 accredited registrars will close over the next 12 months due to the over-saturation of the drop-catching market. ICANN VP Cyrus Namazi made the estimate while explaining ICANN’s fiscal 2018 budget, which is where the projection originated, at the organization’s public meeting in South Africa last week. He said that […]

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Closing on DropCatch tomorrow a UDRP in waiting

Tomorrow the domain is closing on DropCatch. The domain is currently at $3,750. The domain was originally registered way back in 2006. The other factor when these types of domains drop is the current auction participants have no idea if the reason the domain dropped was the previous registrant got a cease and desist […]

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The good, the bad and the ugly – DropCatch

“The good, the bad and the ugly” An opportunity for readers to discuss what they like and don’t like about a particular company in the domain space. Each post will deal with just one company, readers are encouraged to share their positive and negative experiences. Suggestions for improvement are also encouraged. One of the goals […]

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DropCatch spends millions to buy FIVE HUNDRED more registrars

Domain drop-catching service has added five hundred new registrar accreditations to its stable over the last few days. The additions give the company a total accreditation count of at least 1,252, according to DI data. That means about 43% of all ICANN-accredited registrars are now controlled by just one company. DropCatch is owned by […]

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There’s an all out war for dropping domain names

…and it’s expensive. It costs expired domain drop catchers $8.03 for every .com domain name they catch for you. So why are they charging customers so much money? A good place to start is by looking at how much they pay to amass the firepower necessary to be successful drop catchers. When a domain name […]

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DropCatch lowers certain backorders to $15 dollars per domain

DropCatch, the domain drop-catching service operating from, has made an announcement regarding its pricing of certain domains. According to their email, .ORG domain backorders will be discounted for the entire month of September, down to $15 dollars. Regularly priced at $59 dollars, such backorders would help boost the market share of DropCatch, which is […]

Read more acquires dozens of registrars from Rightside has acquired dozens of registrars from rival/partner Rightside, seemingly to boost the success rate of its SnapNames domain drop-catching business. I’ve established that at least 44 registrars once managed by Rightside/eNom are now in the stable, and that might not even be the half of it. All of the registrars in question are […]

Read more back on auction, $91,060 sale did not go through

On March 9th we wrote about closing at $91,060 on The domain is back at auction. DropCatch noted “Due to complications involving potentially fraudulent activity, one or more auctions you had participated in are being restarted.” Namebio needs to remove the sale to avoid confusion, I have emailed Michael over there. The post […]

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The Dropped Domain Name Sells For $91,060

The domain name, which just dropped a few days ago, just sold at for $91,060. The domain name was owned by VARTEX Media Marketing GmbH at the German registrar, Vautron Rechenzentrum AG. VARTEX Media Marketing GmbH owned the domain since at least 2007 according to The domain had a creation date of […]

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