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November 20, 2019 17:15

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Media Options has acquired the premium #domain name

The premium domain name,, has changed ownership, and the new owners is Media Options. Registered in 1992, this top notch domain name was in the possession of a company called Saltworks. The domain was active since the early days of the World Wide Web, as captures from the Wayback Machine show: Individual, Inc. is all […]

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#Pegasus .com : Media Options brings winged #domain to its stables

Media Options has apparently acquired the domain name, a 1990 registration. WHOIS information has been updated to reflect the change in ownership, although the domain still resolves to content created by its former owners, Pegasus Racing. They already own Pegasus (ΠΗΓΑΣΟΣ) is the name of a winged horse from the Greek mythology. Buying […]

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Media Options snags generic dictionary #domain

Media Options, the brainchild of domain investor Andrew “Drew” Rosener, has acquired, a generic domain registered in 1998. The acquisition has yet to be announced, but the domain is already at Sedo with a minimum offer of $49,888 Euro. was owned by a company called Grizzly Industrial, Inc. The company appears to […]

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Mike Mann : Schilling trumps Schwartz, as do other #domainers!

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Mike Mann, made a strange statement today, regarding who is a better domainer – Frank Schilling, or Rick Schwartz. Following a series of tweets staking claim to the “Domain King” title, Mike Mann now shared a number of domain investors, all “dramatically better” domainers than Rick Schwartz: Frank Schilling is also […]

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Ganjapreneur : #Cannabis portal rolls out new design

Ganjapreneur, the cannabis industry informational portal founded by Media Options, has a new design. Operating from, the new web site offers a clean navigational interface and high contrast colors. Green and pale yellow are complemented by large, dark fonts for contrast, making its cannabis-related content very legible – even if you’re high. 😀 Media […]

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Token .XYZ : Drew Rosener’s #crypto domain sale is the biggest of the year for this gTLD

The sale of the domain name Token.XYZ for $14,999 dollars via Sedo, is yet another accomplishment by Drew Rosener. The Media Options founder shared the news via Twitter: Sold for $15,000 via @Sedo #domainnames #crypto #digitalassets Drew Rosener is a well-known cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast; the sale of Token.XYZ is the biggest of the […]

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#Bee .com : Media Options sells another animal #domain name

Media Options is on a roll, and today announced that they sold yet another domain matching an animal name: Not only it’s a dictionary word, it’s also a three letter domain, if you’re a domain purist. Said Drew Rosener: “We have successfully sold ! @MediaOptions is kicking butt! Congrats to buyer & seller!” […]

Read more : Colorful #domain changed hands for #Bitcoin

The aged domain,, has changed hands, being acquired by Media Options for an undisclosed sum in Bitcoin. Drew Rosener, founder of Media Options, announced the exceptional domain acquisition earlier today: “We hedged our bet and traded in some Bitcoin to buy ! Only time will tell which side of that bet was smart money!” […]

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Media Options now owns two former #Microsoft #domains

Media Options is on a roll, and it’s all about crypto and domains. We covered the acquisition of – a cocky domain – along with other domains that Drew Rosener, founder of Media Options, has added to the company’s portfolio, recently. It seems that Media Options now owns two great generic .com domains, formerly […]

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#Coinbase crashes as #Bitcoin price shoots through the roof

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, crashed moments ago due to apparent record traffic. During the past hour, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed on the exchange, reaching more than $19,000 dollars. Domain investors that have been supporting BTC, such as Drew Rosener, must be really happy with the popular cryptocurrency’s current levels – truly stratospheric! The […]

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