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June 17, 2019 09:22

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Battle of the new gTLDs: .XYZ back on top, as .TOP hits bottom

The fight for the gTLD roster continues, and dot .XYZ is back at the top spot, after losing it temporarily to China-heavy .TOP. Dot .XYZ went through its “cleansing” period, having lost the majority of its penny promo campaign a year later. During that time, it fell to spot #2 and .TOP rose to the […]

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Domain spammer using .TOP domains registered at Alpnames

A domain spammer is taking advantage of a current promo at Alpnames, registering dozens of .TOP domains and using them to send out spam. The unscrupulous cybercriminal is using Cloudflare to hide its current location. Dot .TOP ranked as the #3 most abused TLD by SpamHaus in early December; the current ranking raises it to […]

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