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December 11, 2019 14:53

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Are You A Frager Factor Millionaire?

I was one of the first to predict this stock would hit $300 then $600, then $1000 offering all the reasons and justifications why. The stock exceeded $600 then split 7 to 1. Adjusted for the split it stands at $1221 today. Frager Factor reader John, a software marketing executive, invested $7500 in 100 shares, and still holds […]

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Kazam! World’s slimmest phone uses a .Mobi domain

Remember the sale of for $6,500? That was a while ago, and while the dot .mobi TLD has lost a lot of domain registrations since, it doesn’t mean it serves no purpose. Take, for example, the launch of the Kazam Tornado 348, the world’s slimmest phone, at 5.15mm thick. Googling “Kazam” returns as […]

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Wells Fargo (.MOBI) Morphs Into Get Banking Done (.com)- Hashtag Carries Equal Weight to Domain Call-to-Action

Have a look at what .Mobi thought it could be. It still has potential as a delivery brand. That’s why any cctld or gTLD is only as good as ideas and the marketing behind them. BTW, with Walgreens and Home Depot Purchases and other major corporations conceding to .com pressured by the “g’s”– it’s time […]

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Frank Schilling Talks SEXY; Sells Com

Photo: DNJournal Keynoted Frank: ”The same words get recycled into different things. A “Bug” in the 1950′s was an insect, in the 60′s a car, today its a problem. “black friday” meant the 1929 stock crash when I grew up; or Web (spiderweb in the past). From time to time new words evolve like “twerk” […]

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Dot MOBI LIVES! My Camera. Real Life.

First time I’ve seen dotMOBI used in the real world. I wonder though why not go for Celery.MOBI?

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