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December 11, 2018 10:03

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Epik #domain registrations : #Boston is getting closer to #Africa

The beauty of new gTLDs: they can grow in separate verticals, registered by a common subset of registrants. For example, domain investors from Africa might also register .Boston domains, due to the city’s cultural appeal as a New England metropolis. Back in November, we pointed out how fast dot .Boston grew, thanks to the apparent […]

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Domain zone file processors under-reporting .Boston numbers

There seems to be a large gap between the reported numbers for dot .Boston, and the actual number of domain registrations. As we reported yesterday, dot .Boston had a nice first day with more than 2,000 registered .Boston domains. These numbers came directly from the .Boston Registry, MMX. However, domain-tallying web sites, ntldstats and namestat, […]

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Dot .Boston surpasses 2,000 domain registrations on general availability day

The dot .Boston gTLD is the latest city domain to enter general availability. Less than 8 hours later, it has surpassed 2,000 domain registrations, we were told. Victor Pitts of MMX, the Registry behind dot .Boston, highlighted the launch’s quick rise, earlier today: “We are LIVE with .BOSTON registrations. 1400 domains registered in 1st 120 […]

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Wicked! Dot .Boston warming up for launch by Minds + Machines

Dot .Boston domains are coming up this year, with July being the “sunrise” date and September will be general availability. The latest geo-TLD by Minds + Machines taps the domain market of a great American city, Boston, with a gTLD of its own. Last year, we joked about an alternate .Bawston gTLD but this is […]

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