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April 9, 2020 02:54

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Epik #domain registrations : #Boston is getting closer to #Africa

The beauty of new gTLDs: they can grow in separate verticals, registered by a common subset of registrants. For example, domain investors from Africa might also register .Boston domains, due to the city’s cultural appeal as a New England metropolis. Back in November, we pointed out how fast dot .Boston grew, thanks to the apparent […]

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What are the two best dot .Africa domains?

Africa is the cradle of the world’s civilization, and host to 1.216 billion people across 54 recognized countries. The new dot .Africa gTLD spans an entire continent and offers its residents the ability to register domains they’re proud of. Says the Registry: “The benefits of a .africa domain name include showcasing the brand and it’s […]

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ICANN : It rains domains in dot .Africa

Registry Africa celebrated the delegation of dot .Africa, after numerous suits, counter-suits, oppositions and extra fun time with gTLD overseer, ICANN. The new gTLD, dot .Africa, will encompass 54 official African countries and its 1.234 billion people, in the continent that is considered as the very cradle of the human civilization. To celebrate the event […]

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Dot .Africa contenders to resolve gTLD feud in traditional way

The contenders in the long-standing feud over the allocation of the dot .Africa gTLD are planning to resolve the matter using traditional methods. South Africa’s ZA Central Registry NPC will be engaging in a series of ancient African rituals, to force Sophia Bekele and DotConnectAfrica into abandoning their application. “Some people believe voodoo and small […]

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Sophia Bekele: Blocked from ITU event over Dotafrica Dispute

In an ongoing controversy that involves ICANN being in favor of South Africa’s ZA Central Registry NPC as the managers of the Dot .Africa gTLD, another applicant appears to have been barred from an International Telecommunication Union event. Sophia Bekele, an Ethiopian entrepreneur, is a business and corporate executive, an International entrepreneur, corporate governance & […]

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