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January 21, 2018 02:49

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#Ethereum .com : Seller’s note claims $10 million reserve has been met

We’ve been following the sales notes posted on, a domain first registered many moons ago. During the past few months, shared offers of several million dollars, all while the Ethereum Project’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, appeared uninterested in the aged allure of .com domains. The Ethereum Project’s trademark activities on the USPTO and via […]

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Filing for a #domain #trademark in 2018? It will cost you more at the #USPTO

If you plan on filing a trademark for your domain, brand or business services at the USPTO, it will now cost you more. After several years of keeping the fees unchanged, the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced its new fee plan yesterday. All previous fees are now null and void. Fees increased considerably […]

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Domain jungle : Don’t be mad because our #domains are great!

Domain investors are – mostly – human, and jealousy, envy and hatred quite often manifest via the sharing of unsavory comments on blogs and forums. When domain names are presented for validation by peers, for example, one cannot avoid witnessing these negative sentiments seep through the commentary: Yeah? What were you thinking bro? This domain, […]

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#Soothamide .com : Bizarre #UDRP decision regarding registered #trademark

Vitalitus LLC filed a UDRP against the domain, which is being held by a Turkish registrant. The Complainant is using the term SOOTHAMIDE for cosmetic goods in the US, and filed for a trademark on September 3, 2016. The application was originally “intent to use” and the mark’s registration was completed on November 21, […]

Read more and domain names – DNW Podcast #169

Kellie Peterson talks about what is seeing as a domain name registrar. operates a domain name registrar with a unique characteristic: almost all of the domain names it registers are for end users that put them to use with a live website. Kellie Peterson, who manages the registrar, explains what she is seeing […]

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Father Domainicus and the #WHOIS travesty at #GoDaddy

Greetings and salutations, my fellow brothers and sisters in domaining – this is Father Domainicus, tapping away on my laptop this chilly Florida evening. By “chilling” I refer to temperatures in the 50’s, which generate no snow flurries, but can cause plenty of shrinkage under the frock, when riding a bicycle outside. I was having […]

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#Jesus Coin network : Spreading the #blockchain gospel via a new gTLD #domain

Jesus Christ has his own cryptocurrency coin, apparently, along with his favorite disciples. Riding on the blockchain bandwagon, someone created an excellent spoof of a coin, Jesus Coin, complete with a white paper. Using the new gTLD domain, JesusCoin.Network, the project offers to spread Jesus by means of blockchain de-centralization. Using the cryptographic breakthrough of […]

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#VOYS .com : Dutch company engaged in Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking

A Dutch company, Voys B.V. and Voys United B.V. of Groningen, Netherlands, filed a UDRP against the domain Registered in 2000, is a 4-letter .com that was acquired by the Respondent in 2008. Their domain portfolio consists of more than 1,000 such four letter domains. The Complainant cited the existence of two trademarks […]

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#Uniregistry Market : “Ass pass” will help tackle #domain lowballers

Uniregistry listens to its loyal customers, and is rolling out a new, exciting feature at its domain marketplace. The Uniregistry Market Ass Pass will allow for a range of explosive responses, via a pre-selected menu of insulting replies. “Many domain investors with portfolios at Uniregistry Market are sick and tired by the increased amount of […]

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Is NameJet’s Premium .WS Emoji Domain Auction Losing Steam?

Today’s NameJet emoji domain auction results give the appearance that interest is waning for emoji domains. Of course, this loosely held opinion is based on NameJet finishing last year quite strong with a number of .WS emoji domain auctions closing with 4-figure amounts. So, how in the world does NameJet emoji domain auctions go from 4-figure […]

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