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November 22, 2017 01:44

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Shut for fraud : List of domains at Tucows that got on the black list

Engaging in unlawful activities, such as spamming, phishing and other crime, can get your domains banned and blocked. Despite what some people seem to think, one cannot register a domain name and break the law with it. Per ICANN regulations, Domain registrars are obligated to handle such unlawful activity reports, and respond by freezing the […]

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Domains for Startups – Nov 17th, 2017: Five names up for auction that I think startups will dig

There have been some truly stellar domain sales with both one and two-word .COMs taking the cake when it comes to value. It’s also pretty well known that many of the top sales you read about on places like DNJournal, often started as a smart buy some time ago. While people often say “all the […]

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Ask Me Nothing : DomainSherpa show to roll out new, exciting format

DomainSherpa moved recently from the busy hands of Mike Cyger, to the equally busy mind of Drew Rosener. The cryptocurrency boffin is eager to get the show off the ground, and hinted of new updates that might be coming. “We’re rolling out a new, exciting format for our live guests, called ‘Ask Me Nothing’,” said […]

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Poll: How much did Rick Schwartz sell that NNN .com domain portfolio for?

Rick Schwartz‘s recent sale of a domain portfolio consisting of 10 NNN .com names, upped the ante for how numeric domains are valued. The Domain King acquired those ten domains for $700 dollars. How much did he sell them for? Initially, Rick’s tweet stated “millions” and that spans $2 million to infinity, and beyond. 🙂 […]

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Legal Zoom grabs via the UDRP process

Reversing the domain keywords of a popular legal assistance web site, had a bad effect for the registrant of, as Legal Zoom Inc., filed a UDRP against the domain. According to the case’s particulars: “The Complainant is a provider of online legal services for small businesses and consumers, providing legal document services, attorney listings, […]

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Battle of the new gTLDs: .XYZ back on top, as .TOP hits bottom

The fight for the gTLD roster continues, and dot .XYZ is back at the top spot, after losing it temporarily to China-heavy .TOP. Dot .XYZ went through its “cleansing” period, having lost the majority of its penny promo campaign a year later. During that time, it fell to spot #2 and .TOP rose to the […]

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From to after defaulting on Escrow payments

The highly publicized sale of the domain,, was a lease-to-own transaction, that ended with the defaulting of the buyer on payments., a domain registered in 1994 by its current owner, MonkeyMedia, is back in the possession of its original registrant; a company called Monkey Capital failed to make monthly installments via, being […]

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NVIDIA stock skyrockets; Company grabs the .CO domain via the UDRP process

NVIDIA has been performing remarkably well this year; the company designs graphics processing units for the gaming, cryptocurrency, and professional markets. If you own a PC, chances are that your video card is made by NVIDIA , and during 2017 its stock has gone from sub-100 dollars a share, to more than $200 dollars a […]

Read more : Original registrant getting billed by GoDaddy

Heidi Powell, the original registrant of the domain, is livid; the loss of her domain,, in a much publicized legal battle, wasn’t the end. After the domain was transferred away from her possession at GoDaddy, the registrar kept the charges going. As ludicrous as it seems, GoDaddy’s billing system continued to charge for […]

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Firefox Quantum: Faster than anything we’ve seen before!

Firefox 57 aka “Quantum” has been released. This is not a simple update, but an entirely new engine. And boy, it’s fast. Really fast. It’s over twice as fast as Firefox from 6 months ago, built on a completely overhauled core engine with a clean, modern interface. Firefox Quantum is designed to browse the internet  […]

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