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March 29, 2020 03:53

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Lumis : Latest #domain newsletter features million dollar names

Popular domain brokerage, Lumis, released their latest newsletter featuring domain names for all budgets. Quality domains can cost seven figures, however, as is the case for, one of the lot that is currently brokering. The Michalec Brothers are definitely picking quality domains for their newsletters! Here’s the list: – Inquiries only […]

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#PresidentialAlert .com poll : Is the #domain worth a new car, or a mortgage?

An enterprising fella registered the domain, most likely on some early inside information about the upcoming, annoying feature by FEMA. More than 225 million devices in the US were sent Donald Trump’s “this is a test” alert, which was not accompanied by a #MAGA hashtag – for now. To put it plainly: such alerts […]

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How much will sell for?

Today I randomly noticed a press release from Hilco Streambank announcing the listing of for sale. My first thought was probably the same as yours – doesn’t Microsoft own that one? My second thought might have also been the same…doesn’t Microsoft have a Trademark on the word Excel? Well it turns out that no, […]

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NamePros & NameThreads data mining : Most members not in favor of scraping domain sales

An innovative software product by, seeks to provide a better search engine for domains for sale at NamePros. The third party service is not affiliated with the domain forum, and describes its mission as follows: “Easily search all the domains for sale in We have well over 100,000 domains in our database. Domain […]

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Brannan’s latest : LLLL’s, brandables and two-worder domains

Brannan’s has sent out its latest newsletter, offering a range of domains priced for every budget. The brokerage outfit of domain broker, David Clements, focuses on LLLL .com domains, brandables and two-worders. Some of the domains that caught our attention, from lists released during this week, include the following: – priced at $15,000 dollars […]

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Video/Cam/Chat domain portfolio for sale (incl. adult)

video cam & chat portfolio for sale

Currently we have a chat/cam/video domain name portfolio for sale as package in english, spanish & german. This is a opportunity to purchase these domains at a wholesale price.

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Top 10 list : Mike Mann’s most expensive LLLL .com domains

Domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, loves to sell domains. If you love buying, we prepared this handy guide a while back, titled “How to buy domains from Mike Mann.” The proliferation of LLLL .com domains is generating a lot of movement for holders of large domain portfolios. Mike Mann’s Domain Market is the […]

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Flippa Friday:,,,

Hello, happy Friday, and hello from beautiful sunny Southern California. I’m sitting out on my patio right now as I write this post and thought I’d share picture, since it’s after 5PM here you’ll notice I am enjoying a beer.   Hopefully you’re winding down after a busy week, if not, start now and enjoy […]

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