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November 22, 2017 01:36

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Legal Zoom grabs via the UDRP process

Reversing the domain keywords of a popular legal assistance web site, had a bad effect for the registrant of, as Legal Zoom Inc., filed a UDRP against the domain. According to the case’s particulars: “The Complainant is a provider of online legal services for small businesses and consumers, providing legal document services, attorney listings, […]

Read more : Original registrant getting billed by GoDaddy

Heidi Powell, the original registrant of the domain, is livid; the loss of her domain,, in a much publicized legal battle, wasn’t the end. After the domain was transferred away from her possession at GoDaddy, the registrar kept the charges going. As ludicrous as it seems, GoDaddy’s billing system continued to charge for […]

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Religious domain names : Pricing soars, following proof of afterlife

Prices of domain names related to religion soared early Thursday, following statements that proof of afterlife’s existence has been established. Jeronymus Bosch, chief pastor of the New Tijuana Presbyterian church made the announcement yesterday: “The afterlife, not only it is in the holy scriptures, it’s also demonstrated in recent documentaries, such as ‘Flatliners 2017’ – […]

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What I learned from looking at inbound offers on my domains earlier this year

Below is a screenshot of the inbound offers I received on my domains parked at for the month of May. I currently have my domains parked between, Efty and Afternic. As most of my readers know, I don’t make millions with domain names, instead I sell between 0 – 2 domains a month. […]

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Uniregistry announces price drop to more than 500,000 premium domain names

Uniregistry announced today the immediate price discount to more than 500,000 domain names, in new TLDs it operates. A simplified, two-tier system will ensure that many premium keywords are reduced to standard pricing. According to the press release we just received from Uniregistry: Price reduction on more than 500,000 premium names : Uniregistry announces simplified […]

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Almost 60% of new gTLDs are parked – is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I find myself somewhat frequently checking to follow what’s going on in the world of new gTLDs. One of the recent trends I’ve been keeping an eye on is .TOP overtaking .XYZ as the “most registered” new gTLD and .LOAN is getting closer and closer to overtaking .XYZ to move into the #2 spot. […]

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What is a Domainer? And how many people think they are one when they really aren’t

I was talking with a friend yesterday, he only knows me as a startup founder, but the conversation moved to domain names and domain investing, he has no idea I have a blog or that I’ve been buying and selling domain names for the last ten years. His initial response was, “wait – so you’ve […]

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The domain industry divides again over Bitcoin – and it’s getting ugly

Well ever since Rick Schwartz brought up the link between domain names and Bitcoin a small battle has been waging on, and it’s still going. This has led to another discussion that has to do with what people should write about on “domain blogs” and if Bitcoin is fair game or not. I don’t write […]

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Do Domain Names and Bitcoin overlap? Rick thinks yes, Konstantinos thinks no

Last night, legendary domain name investor Rick Schwartz tweeted about how surprised he is that more people don’t see the connection between domain names and Bitcoin. To which, Konstantinos from chimed in to say that he doesn’t see an overlap – just competition for the same dollars. The debate continued quite a bit on […]

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Efty founder brings up an important topic for Domain Investors – Sales Commission

Doron Vermaat, the founder of shared an article on their blog today that I think should probably be required reading for new domain investors. Heck, I’d say it’s good for experienced investors to read as well since it’s a topic that should really be top of mind. In the article Doron shares some of […]

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