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November 18, 2018 16:49

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Frank Schilling’s domain investing advice from a year ago is worth listening to again

A year ago Frank recorded a twenty minute video on You Tube sharing domain investment tips. It’s had north of 6,000 views since then so I’m guessing that many of my readers saw it, that being said I’m sure there are plenty who haven’t. Either way it’s worth watching it, either for the first time […]

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It’s official, Rick Schwartz is having more fun tweeting than blogging

Rick Schwartz, aka the Domain King wrote one of the most-read blogs in the domain name industry, aptly named “Rick’s Blog” and also not surprisingly located at Throughout his career Rick has had more blockbuster domain sales than you can count on your fingers and toes. One that really made waves was in early […]

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Domaining Is Hard

Let’s say you are new to the world of Domain Investing. You are interested in making money domaining and you meet the following qualifications: 1. You don’t have a lot of money, you are comfortable with risking $100 tops and you don’t want to put all your eggs in the same basket. 2. You have a […]

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Want to learn about Domain Investing? Don’t Forget, Most Advice Has An Expiration Date

The domain name industry is full of people giving advice and the number of people offering advice has increased exponentially over the years. One of the biggest problems with the growth of the Domaining education space is that only a fraction of the people giving advice are speaking from experience, many are just trying to […]

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I Bid A Dollar and Raise You Some Intelligence

Contrary to what you see on at some domain auctions, there is some strategy/skill behind a listing. I read through the auctions over at Flippa and see countless auctions that have starting bids of $500, $5000, even $10,000. There is absolutely no point to starting an auction for more than a $1. I get it […]

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Just Because Godaddy Auction Price Was Unusually High Don’t Assume Fraud

Over the past number of months, actually years, people have become suspicious of unusually high prices paid for some names over at Godaddy Auctions.  Names that jump quickly or have high prices and low bidders draw the most attention.  All the banter in the forums and comments is bashing the system for lack of policing […]

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