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February 18, 2018 06:36

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Every Domain King needs his #domain #kingdom

If you’ve been binge-watching the second season of The Crown at Netflix, you are not alone. Millions of viewers are enchanted by the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her life among both Royalty and the commoners of Great Britain. The series is charged with a broad range of emotions, a rare sight for the […]

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China’s 14 billion yuan domain market is old news!

China‘s local domain market is worth 14 billion yuan, and that’s the latest released data from 2015. In other words, that’s old news. During the Global Domain Summit held last week in Xiamen, China, some of the data presented involved the numbers of Chinese domain extensions, including IDN domains. Mao Wei, head of the Chinese-language […]

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DigitalTown acquires travel affiliate solutions provider Comencia

Rob Monster, founder and CEO of DigitalTown, Inc., announced the acquisition of Comencia, a travel affiliate solutions provider. Domain investors with travel-related domains can make money through hotel bookings. DigitalTown began integrating the Comencia hotel booking capability a few months ago, and here is an example of such integration. Comencia founder, Mike Cartwright, was previously […]

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New six percent tax in China : Domains are now “intangible assets”

On July 1st, China introduced a 6% tax levy on domain names, and this is good news. Some might wonder, how would an act of “Communist Capitalism” such as this be “good news” for the Chinese domain investors? Very simple. According to this chart sheet in Chinese, domain name sales are categorized as “Sales of […]

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Chinese domain market report : Can’t blog about celebrities in China!

The Chinese Internet consumers are like everywhere else; they love reading juicy news about celebrities. In yet another act of censorship, China’s government will be closing down social media accounts that share gossip about celebrities, asking Internet providers for a “crackdown.” The Beijing Cyberspace Administration states that “web sites need to adopt effective measures to […]

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Poll: Do you still own your first domain name?

Rick Schwartz still owns his first domain name,, although we’re certain he’d part ways with it for the right price. Registering or acquiring the very first domain name, is a memory that many domain investors would cherish. Keeping that first domain for years, whether due to its value or the memories it’s associated with, […]

Read more confirmed to be the largest domain sale in history has been confirmed to have been the largest domain sale in history, with a staggering $872,320,000 dollar valuation. Domain investor, George Kirikos, provided this number two years ago, and is once again quoting the numbers from the latest financial statement: In connection with our acquisition by Parent, we have an intangible asset with […]

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Chinese domain market report : Humanoid robot has both looks and smarts

The Chinese have developed a female humanoid, a robot that looks very much human, which interacts intelligently with speech. Jia Jia ponders life, the universe and human relationships. Kevin Kelly, the founding executive editor of Wired magazine spoke with Jia Jia over Skype, and translations from English to Mandarin and vice versa were automated. Jia […]

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Internet Reboot report : Domainers want something for nothing

Domainers want something for nothing, a new study shows. Expert analysis of the expectations shared by domain investors produced some interesting data, according to the Internet Reboot Institute : “We’ve come to the conclusion that domainers are a group of professionals with some of the highest expectations, when it comes down to calculating the work […]

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Is Trump At Mar-a-Lago, Florida? This domain name will tell you

Donald Trump has been going back and forth between Washington and Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where his exclusive club is. The presidential trip costs approximately $3.6 million dollars every time, according to a Governmental Accountability Office report. Is Donald Trump At Mar-a-Lago currently? A new web site, will tell you, and it seems that so […]

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