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January 22, 2020 11:21

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#Uniregistry Brokerage: Top 20 #domains sold – week ending Jan 20, 2020 –

Uniregistry, a DomainGang sponsor, announced its Top 20 sales for the week ending January 20, 2020. Top sale: at $68,750 dollars. The report includes only domain sales that can be shared publicly, and only domains that were sold using the services of the Uni Brokerage team — not self-brokered sales. Here’s the list of […]

Read more rolls out new #domain brokerage newsletter, the popular domain news aggregator founded by French entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo, has a brand new newsletter. Broker listings is the first issue, and despite a typo’ed date of “January 2019” this is in fact the latest edition in 2020. 🙂 The current edition of the domain brokerage newsletter contains domains from the following companies […]

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#Koozie .com registrant fails to get via the #UDRP process

The current registrant of took control of the domain via the UDRP process. Their second attempt failed however, as the owner of the plural,, prevailed. Registered in 1998, the domain has been riding on the generic nature of a product that keeps beverages insulated. On the other hand, the Complainant, BIC Corporation, […]

Read more gearing up for 2020 launch, announces new hire

The premium domain name changed hands in December, after selling at Sedo for an undisclosed amount. Rolf Larsen, chairman and founder of DNS Global and the dot .Global Registry, is definitely excited about the upcoming service that launches later this year. What is going to be? According to the official description of the […]

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Shark Tank’ed #domain names : When the domain and brand are an afterthought

Shark Tank, now in its 11th season, is now more popular than ever.  Although the show has gone a bit retail, meaning some of the companies are looking to bolster their bottom line and are already wildly successful, the majority of the show’s participants are entrepreneurs looking for a “measly” couple of hundred thousand bucks. […]

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#DropCatch is turning into #NameJet!

Domain auction platform, DropCatch, is progressively turning into another online auction platform for owned domains, NameJet. In recent days, DropCatch is auctioning off dozens of owned domains that are not fresh registrations caught by orders placed on its system. A quick research on such names shows that these are domains owned private sellers, just like […]

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#Domain crap : “Dot .com prices are skyrocketing again” claims spam sent via the US Mail

A spam flier sent via the US Mail claims that “dot .com prices are skyrocketing again, they are the Rodeo Drive of the Internet.” It’d be great to believe, if the flier wasn’t loaded with numerous crap domain names, such as (asking $29,000) or (asking $195,000) or (asking $105,000) or even […]

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#Digisexuality : A #domain vertical built on sex technology for the future

Digisexuality – a guest post by Krista Gable, domain investor and entrepreneur who researches and invests in emerging technologies and domains. Krista identifies and explains the characteristics of new tech as it intersects the human sexual nature, and the ability of the human psyche to desire and seek pleasure through the interaction with non-human forms. […]

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GoDaddy #domain brokerage: “Our buyers aren’t made of money!”

The GoDaddy brokerage contact form doesn’t allow for large numbers to be entered. The form that is filled out by the domain owner when they want to place a counter-offer, not only doesn’t allow “large numbers” to be entered – it tells the seller that the GoDaddy buyers aren’t made of money. This incredible email […]

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International crime : The FBI seized the #domain name

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. Department of Justice announced that they have seized the domain name The website operating on claimed to provide its users a search engine able to review and obtain the personal information illegally obtained in over 10,000 data breaches containing over 12 billion indexed records. […]

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