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April 6, 2020 01:07

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How a lawyer turned his business around with new domains – DNW Podcast #273

After other marketing methods failed, Clay Burgess built sites using new top level domains. Clay Burgess is a lawyer and owns a law firm in Louisiana. Until a couple of years ago, his business was struggling. The SEO and marketing consultants he hired weren’t delivering results. Then he tried something everyone told him wouldn’t work: […]

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California AG looks into ICANN – DNW Podcast #272

What does it mean for the future of the .org sale? During NamesCon, news broke that the California Attorney General is looking into the deal to sell .Org to a private equity company, as well as investigating ICANN. To help break down what this means, Electronic Frontier Foundation Senior Staff Attorney Mitch Stoltz comes on […]

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NamesCon Roundup – DNW Podcast #271

10 interviews from people at NamesCon. NamesCon was last week in Austin, Texas. On this week’s show, you’ll hear from 10 people at NamesCon: Aman Bhutani, CEO of GoDaddy Peter Askew, Domain investor/business builder Christina Beavis, Vox Populi (.sucks) Jackson Elsegood, Zak Muscovitch, General Counsel of Internet Commerce Association Nikul Sanghvi, Domain investor Darpan […]

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2020 Domain Industry Predictions – DNW Podcast #266

Hear predictions about the next year in the domain industry. This week you’ll get predictions for 15 people (including me) about what to expect in the domain name industry next year. I also asked people what their biggest surprise was during 2019. It’s a great way to close out the year. Happy new year! Sponsor: […]

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Who has a crystal ball – DNW Podcast #264

Let’s check in on predictions made a year ago. 2019 is coming to a close. A year ago, 18 people made predictions about what would happen in the domain industry this year. Who was right and who was wrong? You’ll find out this week when you listen to the predictions people made at the end […]

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Doron Vermaat – DNW Podcast #263

An update on using for-sale only domain name landers. Does making tweaks to domain sales landers lead to increased sales? That’s one of the questions I ask Doron Vermat, co-founder of Efty, on today’s show. We also discuss Efty’s sales volume, how to optimize sales and what it’s like running a business that caters to […]

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Domain auction preview with Monte Cahn – DNW Podcast #220

A look back at previous live domain auctions and what to expect next week in Las Vegas. Monte Cahn joins on us this week’s podcast to preview next week’s NamesCon live domain name auction. We also discuss what he’s seeing in the domain market and what has happened to the value of certain types of […]

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Today: The Best Drop Catching Software / YouTuber needed for partnership / Official Leaf Showcase and Discussion Thread / And more! Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: – I’m not sure a cheap (for-profit) cruise fits with a (Non-Profit) .org. I suppose some organizations are for-profit, but […]

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TNT’s Handpicked Best of the Drop and Auction List for 6/1/2018

Here is TNT’s Handpicked Best of the Drop and Auction List for 6/1/2018. The Auction items are all Hand Picked NamePro’s Auction Lists! I will not be back-ordering or bidding on any of these domains myself. There are some really valuable domains on this list! If you have any thoughts/input please leave a comment below! […]

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Rebecca J. Burns, previous owner of the domain and founder of ComQuest Designs, has come forward in social media, claiming that her domain was stolen. A few days ago, we were informed that was taken away from domain investor, James Booth, who said he paid $26,000 dollars to acquire it. The story so […]

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