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November 15, 2019 07:28

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Domain auction preview with Monte Cahn – DNW Podcast #220

A look back at previous live domain auctions and what to expect next week in Las Vegas. Monte Cahn joins on us this week’s podcast to preview next week’s NamesCon live domain name auction. We also discuss what he’s seeing in the domain market and what has happened to the value of certain types of […]

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Today: The Best Drop Catching Software / YouTuber needed for partnership / Official Leaf Showcase and Discussion Thread / And more! Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: – I’m not sure a cheap (for-profit) cruise fits with a (Non-Profit) .org. I suppose some organizations are for-profit, but […]

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TNT’s Handpicked Best of the Drop and Auction List for 6/1/2018

Here is TNT’s Handpicked Best of the Drop and Auction List for 6/1/2018. The Auction items are all Hand Picked NamePro’s Auction Lists! I will not be back-ordering or bidding on any of these domains myself. There are some really valuable domains on this list! If you have any thoughts/input please leave a comment below! […]

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Rebecca J. Burns, previous owner of the domain and founder of ComQuest Designs, has come forward in social media, claiming that her domain was stolen. A few days ago, we were informed that was taken away from domain investor, James Booth, who said he paid $26,000 dollars to acquire it. The story so […]

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Aged #domain lost in auction, case involves K-Systems and #GoDaddy

A bizarre situation involving a 1999 domain,, is unfolding over at DNForum. The owner of the domain, paid for its renewal via PayPal, and the domain registrar, K-Systems, initially claimed that the domain was “deleted.” did not drop, however, and current information shows that it was auctioned off at GoDaddy and was acquired […]

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How to avoid UDRP – John Berryhill – DNW Podcast #170

Attorney John Berryhill explains how to minimize the chances of facing a UDRP. Domain name investors fear bogus UDRP cybersquatting cases. How can you protect yourself against the cost of having to defend against a UDRP? On today’s show attorney John Berryhill discusses common perceptions about trademarks to help you avoid risky domains, how to […]

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Paul Nicks of GoDaddy – DNW Podcast #160

What GoDaddy has learned by being a domain investor. This week we talk with Paul Nicks, GM and VP of Aftermarket at GoDaddy. GoDaddy has become a domain investor by purchasing large portfolios of domain names. The company has learned a lot about selling domain names in this role, and Nicks will share some data […]

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Plated : From a $9.99 domain at GoDaddy, to a $300 million acquisition by Albertsons

Plated, operating from, sends its customers the necessary ingredients to cook their own meals. This is what a “meal kit service” is all about. Instead of shipping pre-made, soggy food, Plated took the novel approach when it was founded in 2012. Its main competitor, Blue Apron, operates around the same principles. There is a […]

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Domain aftermarket update – DNW Podcast #151

Sedo’s CSO provides data to back up recent sales trends. This week we talk with Matthias Meyer-Schönherr, the Chief Sales Officer of Sedo. Matthias comes armed with data to discuss sales trends including .ai and .io domain names. He also talks about options for selling domains and the best way to sell domains in today’s […]

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2016 Domain Name Sales Roundup

We wanted to share some statistics on how the BrandBucket marketplace performed in 2016. Growth since our launch in 2007 has been steadily climbing, and 2016 was no different. Consumers and businesses all over the world now buy domain names from BrandBucket, and it continues to be a go-to resource for companies looking for a […]

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