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September 23, 2019 01:10

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“please don’t buy any of these domains, they’re all terrible and you’d be supporting asshole domain squatters”

So a gentleman named Martin O’Leary, created a game based on an idea by Holly Gramazio. The site is very simple, it shows two names and it’s your job to guess which one costs more? Most of the names I saw were owned by Huge Domains and one of them was owned by Frank […]

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Photos from #MERGE! 2018 – #Domain valuation experts on the current market

MERGE! 2018 in Orlando, Florida, continued on Monday with its extended schedule on domain names, content creation, and blockchain applications. One of the sessions we attended, featured domain industry experts sharing information on current domain valuation trends. Lance Wolak, founder of ExcelStrategy, coordinated the discussion, with panel experts Joe Styler (GoDaddy) Dave Evanson (Sedo) Ron […]

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Video: Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals @ NamesCon

Watch the full session of NamesCon’s Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals session, and learn a number of perspectives from domain industry professional of how to accurately appraise and evaluate domain names to sell or purchase.   The post Video: Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals @ NamesCon appeared first on

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NamesCon Day Three Explores Crypto and Domaining Intersection

Day’s One and Two are down in the books, and NamesCon Day Three is up to bat. Full steam ahead did the third day lead off with a Domain Name Industry Drivers keynote given by Verisign’s Scott Schnell. Scott discussed and expressed thoughts around a number of items, one being the likely resurgence of .net […]

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#Estibot : New beta version of #domain #valuation tools looks awesome!

Estibot is widely referenced among domain investors for its domain valuation tool, which has improved over the years. While automated domain pricing tools aren’t perfect, Estibot is constantly adjusting its value assessment algorithms. It seems that it was about time for some visual improvements as well; a beta version of Estibot includes new brand colors, […]

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Godaddy releases domain name appraisal tool to the public

New appraisal tool will give you a free and quick domain name appraisal. GoDaddy has made its much-improved automated domain name valuation tool available to the public. The beta tool allows anyone to enter a domain name and receive an instant appraisal that includes some supporting data. For example, when I entered my domain name […]

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Markmonitor : Corporate guide to acquiring domain names

A white paper by Markmonitor reveals the recommended corporate approach to domain name acquisition. Titled, “Assessing the Value of a Domain,” this white paper attempts to define the necessary steps, in order to acquire domains necessary to one’s brand strategy. “Have you ever wanted to register a domain only to find that it is already […]

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Domainer chutzpah : Give me $50 to give you a domain price quote

When it comes down to responding to domain inquiries, nothing beats the requirement of a $19 dollar payment. At least, Telepathy has all this streamlined and automated, and it possesses a top notch domain portfolio. An unnamed domain owner is now seeking to cash in on this trend, asking for $50 dollars per price […]

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So $1,999 for anyone ?

With the help of Josh (legendaryJP) we confirmed that Diana Pitcher did sell for 2,999 Euros, this was the suggested price she received when adding her name to Sedo. Domain investors know to skip these suggestions, some use them for comic fodder. But there are real consequences for the rest of the public who […]

Read more sold by GoDaddy – A look back at the previous negotiation

Michael Berkens purchased back in 2010, and it looks like GoDaddy/Namefind just sold the domain to a buyer using privacy protection at The domain was bought in January 2010 at the TRAFFIC Las Vegas Auction. The domain was actually listed with a $50K reserve but immediately after it didn’t meet reserve Mike asked […]

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