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December 14, 2018 17:51

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#Uniregistry app adds #domain tracker in latest release

Uniregistry has released the latest version of its domain management app, introducing a feature called “Tracker.” The Uniregistry tracker is found in version 2.7.1 for Android that we checked, available at Google Play. It’s a method of keeping track of the status of domain names, regardless of where they are registered at. Here’s the list […]

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One thing you might not know about Uniregistry

I’m a big fan of Uniregistry. I’ve said it before and I’ll happily say it again because in a short period of time Uniregistry has innovated in a way that most registries haven’t, period. Most people that I know think of Uniregistry as the Apple of Registrars because the UX is so clean that it […]

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ALERT: Domains and – Stolen and moved to Chinese registrar Ename

As we reported several times recently, the domain theft pattern continues: Domains are stolen at GoDaddy using an email portal phishing scheme, then moved to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename. The latter, does not comply with legitimate requests to transfer the domains back to GoDaddy, something that needs to be examined carefully, to investigate potential […]

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Update: Uniregistry announces Domain Tracker

There has now been an official announcement by Uniregistry, about the Domain Tracker product we covered today. The product was launched silently last week. The announcement follows: Friends, While you’ve been enjoying your Northern summer, our team at Uniregistry have been working diligently on the first phase of integration between our platform and Uniregistry. […]

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Domain Tracker: Uniregistry’s new tool as a tracker of stolen domain names

Uniregistry launched “Domain Tracker” quietly last week, a new domain tool currently in beta, that allows domain investors to keep track of their domains. The tool is straightforward: enter one or more domain names and keep track of their vital parameters, such as registrant email, expiration date and lock status. The idea is to utilize […]

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