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August 24, 2019 19:08

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Dot .OM kingdom : Omani domains used in malware attacks!

If you felt safe with your dot .com, there is now a reason to double-check your destination domain for typos, every time you visit one. Domain typo-squatters are using Omani domain names that end in dot .OM, to spread malware and to monetize traffic that spills over from the matching .com. The Sultanate of Oman […]

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Sino-Russian conspiracy : Domains used to steal bank account credentials

Russian cybercriminals hiding behind fake Chinese WHOIS have launched sophisticated phishing attacks. Targeting owners of major US bank accounts, the attacks involve the registration of domains resembling those of financial institutions; most of these domains are registered with Chinese domain registrars. Chase Bank is one such example we covered; Wells Fargo is another such incident. […]

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Secure domain registrar : Cloudflare aims at the $5k per month crowd

Large corporations protect their online assets with several layers of defense against attackers. DNS spoofing, DDoS attacks, domain name hijacking and other types of cybercrime put corporate domains and web sites of high value at imminent risk. Cloudflare is an online systems provider that for several years has been keeping attackers at a distance. They […]

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Frank Schilling’s keynote speech revealed Uniregistry password!

Relax, you’re in good hands at Uniregistry. During Frank Schilling‘s keynote speech at NamesCon, the Uniregistry founder presented the company’s launch of brand new products, including that of the Uniregistry Market. Frank proceeded with demonstrating the live pushing of domains via the Uniregistry App, currently only available for iOS devices. An Android version is coming […]

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GoDaddy ‘trick’ to keep your domains locked in place

If you’ve been reading all the recent stories about domain theft, you’re most likely concerned. Domain theft can lead to major financial loss, particularly when domains are transferred out to a different domain registrar. At GoDaddy, enabling two-step authentication is a must; the biggest domain registrar in the world is being targeted due to its […]

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GoDaddy Mustache Guy : Face of ‘hacker’ feature makes domainers nervous

GoDaddy has apparently launched a new, live service, depicting the photo of the person attempting to infiltrate your domain account. The new service, called “Hacker Face Live” internally, connects remote cameras that snap the photo of domain account hackers. Domainers are safe, for now, but they do feel nervous: “People with thin mustaches make me […]

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Domain security : Lessons learned from yesterday’s phishing emails

Domain security is a priority process of an investor’s business, and yesterday’s phishing email barrage reinforced that. Cybercriminals took advantage of an actual domain status, that of suspension by the Registrar. By customizing the notices to make them appear to be from the respective Registrar of every domain they emailed, they obtained an element of […]

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Top 10 security questions to safeguard your domain registrar password

Domain theft is rampant. Thanks to mostly Chinese cyberthieves wanting to steal your 10-digit domains that begin with 8888, or your XYQJ “junk letter” .coms, your domains are in danger. Two-factor authentication is important to have but not all domain registrars provide it. In cases where two-factor authentication is not available, the next best thing […]

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GoDaddy drone service delivers domain auth codes!

Domain security is a “hot potato” issue these days, as Chinese domain thieves are focusing on major domain portfolio managers. GoDaddy has announced the availability of an extra layer of security for transferring out domains – using nano drones for delivering the necessary authentication codes. These nano drones are painted black with no insignia that […]

Read more registrar resets account passwords due to security issue

Domain registrar performed a mass resetting of account passwords today, citing a security issue. The email notification sent out today by asks account holders to use the “forgot my password” option to change their existing passwords. There is no indication that any particular users’ accounts have been compromised. Here is the full email: […]

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