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April 5, 2020 01:05

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Reviewing 4-letter domains sold in March

Kassey Lee evaluates four-letter domain sales as to how they might be valuable in China. Here are some 4-letter sold in March as reported by Namebio. I’ll look at them from a Chinese perspective. XCDN .com sold for $22,000. is already a developed site by Yun Su Yun (云速云=speedy clouds) to provide cloud services […]

Read more sold for $35,000 in 2016 expires goes for $5,850 was left to expire and closed at $5,850 on DropCatch. The domain name had sold for $35,000 just four years earlier on Sedo. Anyweb Co.,Ltd out of Korea was the seller back in 2016. Looking at the domain was just a landing page at Uniregistry after the sale. The domain name was under […]

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End user domain name sales up to $200,000

Two .app domains lead the way at Sedo. The top two end user domain name sales at Sedo this past week were .app domains, including the blockbuster sale of to Shopify (NYSE: SHOP). Other domain buyers include a French leather goods company, a port operator and an olive oil producer. If you’re looking for […]

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Shopify now owns and

Last week Sedo broker Yiming Yang brokered the domain name for $200,000. At the time the domain was in transfer and now the whois has been updated. The buyer is Shopify and the domain name has moved to MarkMonitor Inc. Shopify also owns the domain name as well. That name was registered way […]

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Sedo weekly sales led by six figure sale of

Sedo released their weekly sales and led the way at $200,000. was second at 50,000 GBP, ($62,059). was third at 30,000 Euro, ($33,066). 31 .com sales 12 cctld sales 3 other tld sales sold for $24,000 so it was a good week for .app fans. CasinoMonkey and were the two […]

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Traffic up, domain inquiries down at Efty in wake of pandemic

Efty reports that domain name purchase inquiries were down last month. Visits are up but inquiries are down at Efty. What’s happening to aftermarket domain name inquiries in the wake of the pandemic and asset market plunge? For most people, it’s hard to look at their portfolio and draw any conclusions. But domain name sales […]

Read more domain name sells for $200,000, a domain on Google’s .app top level domain, sold for $200,000. Sedo has brokered the sale of for $200,000. This is the highest sale ever reported for a .app domain name, which is a domain name extension introduced by Google in 2018. According to NameBio, the top sales to date include for […]

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Namecheap integrates Sedo MLS fast transfer

Sedo MLS expands reach with Namecheap integration. Domain name registrar Namecheap has integrated with Sedo’s fast transfer system, making it easier for Namecheap customers to buy domains listed on Sedo. Namecheap already listed Sedo domains for sale, but customers had to go to to complete a purchase. Now, they can purchase domains through the […]

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How could be used, which recently sold for $415,000, could have a lot of uses in China. A couple of days ago I read in Namebio that the numeric domain sold for $415,000. While I have not come across any business in the west using a numeric domain, it is quite common in China. In terms of […]

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NameJet/Snapnames February sales led by

NameJet/Snapnames released their February sales and was the top sale at $21,529 just edging out at $21,200. 82 of the 94 reported sales were .com. is already up on GoDaddy looking for a flip after selling for $3,056. $21,529.00 NameJet $21,200.00 NameJet $16,700.00 NameJet $14,000.00 NameJet $12,600.00 […]

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