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August 24, 2019 22:56

You are browsing the archive for Domain Sales. sells for $69,995 on Epik

Another big sale discovered today as Rob Monster shared the details on the sale of on Namepros. On 7/15/19, someone visited your domain name DOTO.COM which was powered by one of Epik’s SSL Marketplace landers. After some back and forth, they accepted your counter-offer of $69,995 through the Epik Marketplace. Michael Bilde the […]

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21 end user domain name sales

An event venue in Montreal, a Milwaukee apartments company, and ClassPass bought domain names this past week. The creators of the PY1 venue in Montreal bought They use for their website. Photo from This week’s list of end user domain sales at Sedo doesn’t have any big-ticket domains, but it makes up […]

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Who bought the top 20 sales at Uniregistry this week

A Costa Rican e-commerce company, wound care certification organization, and smart home company bought domains at Uniregistry. Uniregistry recently published its top 20 sales of July, and now it’s going to start publishing its top 20 weekly sales (well, those that it can make public). It’s great to have this additional data available for the […]

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#Sedo sales report : #Domain names sold between 8/5/2019 – 8/11/2019 topped by at $50000

Sedo weekly: Top sale is that of at $50,000 dollars. Welcome to the latest edition of reporting on the Sedo domain sales; this time we cover the days spanning August 5th, 2019 – August 11th, 2019. This information has been provided by, sponsors of DomainGang. As a side note, Sedo has rolled out […]

Read more is the most expensive #Australian LLL #domain sale ever

The domain has changed hands for a record amount, according to Aussie domainer, Ned O’Meara, who brokered the sale of this strong financial keyword. Domain sales in Australia carry a certain mystique, and the parties involved are New South Wales based Jack Media – the seller – along with Victoria based Point Hacks, the […]

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#NameBio rolls out an API for interactive #domain name data queries

NameBio, the repository of historical domain sales data, has rolled out its dedicated API. Not content with processing, storing and sharing information on more than $1.8 billion dollars‘ worth of domain sales, the team at NameBio is adding more goodies. The NameBio API offers easy and extensive access to the domain sales data, in a […]

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Berkens says new gTLDs mostly suck but geos suck hardest

Ever since he cashed out his massive portfolio of domain names in a bulk sale to GoDaddy three and a half years ago, domain investor Mike Berkens has been dabbling in new gTLDs, and so far he’s not impressed. In a recent conference speech and blog post, he revealed some of his experiences parking and […]

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A look at domain sales for the first half of 2019

Bob Hawkes published a look at the first half of domain sales in 2019. Using data from Namebio Bob gives a detailed look at the first half of reported sales. I thought there were some interesting takes like the spike up in .me and the numbers for new gtld domains. From the report: Sales Numbers […]

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Sedo weekly sales led by

Sedo released their weekly sales and led the way at $55,000. It was a strong week with 10 five figure .com sales and another 3 five figure cctld sales. 56 .com sales 17 cctld sales 5 other tld sales Decent week for .co and .tv and a lot of .coms that many would call […]

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#Cooking .com : Domain auction ended at #Sedo at six figures!

The premium domain was just auctioned off at Sedo’s GreatDomains auction. A prime culinary keyword, attracted numerous bids from a number of pre-qualified bidders. To bid above $10,000 dollars, Sedo pre-screens all potential bidders. The final auction price: $402,500 dollars after receiving 39 bids. Registered in 1998, is a top tier domain […]

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