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March 17, 2018 12:42

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Are you bailing out and selling your crypto domains with others?

Today: Domain investing vs. gambling / .gives new gTLD discussion / The average domain parking CTR% / And more! Here are the new domain discussions and domain news. Which valuation tool is your go-to? – Seriously? Personally, I think that any automated evaluation/appraisal tool is invalid and should be avoided at all costs. I was scammed and […]

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Do you park your domains or use a make offer landing page?

Since it’s the beginning of the year I thought now would be a good time to circle-up with all of you to see what you’re putting on your undeveloped domain names. Rewind 10+ years ago and I think most people would say that they parked their domains, today I think that has changed quite a […]

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Oh, zero click, when will you be cleaned up?

Misleading landers and scams run rampant in zero-click programs. The concept of zero-click domain name parking makes a lot of sense. Rather than sending a domain visitor to a pay-per-click page where they must make two clicks to generate revenue, zero-click forwards unused domain names to other destinations and collects a fee from the advertiser. […]

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Tough Domains: new tool for creating a marketplace, landing pages & instant development

Tough Domains is a relatively new tool that has been developing its online services for the past 2 years. Tough Domains is a New York based company that “was founded on the principles of providing cutting edge tools and software that will provide the next generation of domainers revolutionary solutions to domain monetization.” The co-founders Tim […]

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Domain inquiries could drop next month. Blame SSL.

Start filling out a form on for sale landers and you’ll see a “not secure” message. Yesterday I wrote about how landing page companies are adding SSL support for domains on their platforms in order to meet Google’s deadline next month. Starting next month, domain names with any sort of user submission form that don’t […]

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Rewind: Tucows for $1.00, go-go parking revenue and

A look back at the domaining world ten years ago this month. Remember 2007? It was go-go times in the stock market and we didn’t know what was about to happen. The great recession was knocking on the door. I just took a look back at Domain Name Wire’s archives to see what I was […]

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What are you using for domain name sales landers?

There are lots of options. What is working best for you? With pay-per-click revenue continuing to disintegrate on most domain names, one of the primary objectives of a parked domain name is to make it clear that the domain is for sale and make it easy for a potential buyer to make contact. I’ve tried […]

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Sedo : No more “one click” landers for its PPC pages

Sedo announced that as of May 1st, there will be no more “1 click” landers available as a PPC setting. It appears that the main upstream provider, Google, no longer supports this type of feed. Most likely a measure that Google has taken to thwart click fraud, this means that while CTR might decrease, earnings […]

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Owner says it received over 700,000 uniques over past month. TorrentFreak has an interesting story about the Philippine country code domain name, which is currently for sale. The U.S. Government attempted to seize the domain name that was used by KickAssTorrents but was never able to get the registry to cooperate. The domain name […]

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Did GoDaddy acquire Rook Media?

GoDaddy appears to have acquired Swiss PPC monetization provider, Rook Media, after the following email circulated yesterday afternoon: “We’ve got exciting news: GoDaddy can confirm that Rook Media customers are moving to GoDaddy’s SmartName parking platform. GoDaddy and Rook Media will team up to make this transition as seamless as possible for our new customers […]

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