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September 25, 2017 13:33

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Plated : From a $9.99 domain at GoDaddy, to a $300 million acquisition by Albertsons

Plated, operating from, sends its customers the necessary ingredients to cook their own meals. This is what a “meal kit service” is all about. Instead of shipping pre-made, soggy food, Plated took the novel approach when it was founded in 2012. Its main competitor, Blue Apron, operates around the same principles. There is a […]

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Afternic : Official guide to selling domains on the aftermarket platform

Afternic is an independently operated subsidiary of GoDaddy, and a popular domain aftermarket platform. Its large inventory provides domain sellers and brand seekers, the opportunity to exchange domain names for money. Afternic scored 8/10 in our comparison review regarding user experience (UX) and it still maintains its good shine. Joe Styler, domain aftermarket product manager […]

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ICANN approves new gTLD Dot.ard for political domains

ICANN has approved the latest new gTLD, Dot .ard, an extension specifically for political domains with a conservative bias. Dot .ard was applied for by Donald Trump’s political campaign manager, to ensure that a recent epithet about the president remains under control. “Mr. President is aware of the ‘dotard’ allegations against him, by the Rocket […]

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Rick Latona and family are safe, after hurricane Maria crushes Puerto Rico

Domain entrepreneur, Rick Latona, and his family are safe, after hurricane Maria crushed Puerto Rico. Latona, a Harvard Business School graduate, moved his company, SiteMatrix LLC, to Puerto Rico a couple of years ago. The island is without power, but all of his employees are safe and sound, despite the unprecedented scale of destruction that […]

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MERGE! 2017 in Orlando : Hurricane Irma caused no issues

MERGE! 2017 takes place in Orlando, Florida, next month. The multi-discipline conference will attract domain investors, marketing and branding professionals, SEO specialists, IP attorneys and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. And that’s only the surface of what’s on plan for MERGE! and its attendees. Co-founders Jothan Frakes and Ray Dillman sent out an update today, regarding hurricane Irma’s […]

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Catalonia : Dot .CAT domain foundation issues statement on Spanish police raid

Fundació puntCAT, the dot .CAT domain registry, has just issued a statement on today’s arrest of its director, Pep Masoliver, by the Spanish police: The Fundació puntCAT wants to express its utmost condemnation, indignation and reprobation for the actions that it has been suffering lately with successive judicial mandates, searches and finally the arrest of […]

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Animal killers : Pirate Bay co-founder lashes out at GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons

Peter Sunde, co-founder of the controversial Pirate Bay, lashed out at GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, via Twitter today. Sunde dug up a 2011 safari incident, during which the GoDaddy founder and then CEO participated in a sick elephant hunt in Africa. “Running an ethical vegetarian domain service (@njal_la) is important when your main competitors are […]

Read more : Heavyweight LL .com domain sold to Chinese buyers

Another day, another LL .com domain has been sold: moved to Chinese ownership two days ago. According to Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, was sold by domain investor, Jay Westerdal, and Domain Holdings was brokering it. Kirikos monitors the percentage of two letter .com domains, a premium genre, that’s in the hands of […]

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Seven with Sedo : GreatDomains and time to become a

Sponsor: Sedo* GreatDomains is a week-long domain auction by Sedo, from September 21-28, featuring a hand-curated selection of domain names. It’s quality versus quantity, and Sedo is auctioning off 27 domains that should appeal to all tastes and locations. There are single letter domains in that lot, LLL .com domains, and there’s the big honcho, […]

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NameJet drops pricing to $39 for some domain backorders

NameJet announced that it’s dropping the price of some domain backorders to $39 dollars. Normally, the price is $69 dollars, so that’s a considerable discount. According to the latest news from NameJet: “While most of the domains on NameJet still start at $69, you will likely see more and more domains starting below this amount. […]

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