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September 25, 2017 13:32

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Facebook Faulted for Saying It Reaches Those Who Don’t Exist; Build For The Few And Not The Many

9 tips on how to choose the best domain name for a blog or website; ‘Killer Robots’ Can Make War Less Awful; New AI can guess whether you’re gay or straight from a photograph; We all are Falling in this Trap of “Seeking Happiness; New device can spot fake luxury goods; Cloudera acquires AI research […]

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Plated : From a $9.99 domain at GoDaddy, to a $300 million acquisition by Albertsons

Plated, operating from, sends its customers the necessary ingredients to cook their own meals. This is what a “meal kit service” is all about. Instead of shipping pre-made, soggy food, Plated took the novel approach when it was founded in 2012. Its main competitor, Blue Apron, operates around the same principles. There is a […]

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GoDaddy Auctions is removing some domains listed for sale in your account

A reader sent in the following email they received from GoDaddy. Apparently certain new gtld extensions cannot be made for sale on the auction platform at GoDaddy. All the strings removed belong to Uniregistry. Dear Sir or Madam: Due to a backend change on our end, your domain listings for any domain ending in the […]

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The Daily Stormer moves to Iceland

Reading a story on and  it looks like The Daily Stormer has currently found a home in Iceland. The article noted the following: Iceland has some of the world’s most stringent free speech protection and privacy laws, a point stressed by one of the latest stories on The Daily Stormer site. As a furore […]

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A company operating on a .xyz has raised $200 million according to Bloomberg. A venture fund started by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology called The Engine has financed its first seven companies after raising $200 million from investors.  The selected companies are working in fields such as aerospace, advanced materials, genetic engineering and renewable energy, […]

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.Boston Domain Extension Off To Slow Start With Just 170 Domains Registered in Sunrise

Today we received a Press release proudly announcing that over 150 Brands registered a .Boston new gTLD domain in the Sunrise period which was opened to trademark holders and certain rights holders in Boston. The PR has a subtitle “Strong pace with .BOSTON domains! – More than 150 brands getting ready with their .BOSTON web […]

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The Q2 2017 closed with approximately 331.9 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains

Verisign released their Q2 Domain Name Industry Brief. The second quarter of 2017 closed with 331.9 million domains registered, up 1.3 million domains. Summary The second quarter of 2017 closed with approximately 331.9 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains (TLDs), an increase of approximately 1.3 million domain name registrations, or 0.4 percent over […]

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Verisign: Number of .Com Domains In “Domain Name Base” Tops 130 Million For 1st Time

Verisign (VRSN) which operates the .Com registry is reporting the number of .Com domain names in the Domain Name Base exceeds 130 Million for the 1st time. The actual number of domains in the .Com Domain Name Base stands at around 130.3 Million as of today The number of .Com domain names in the Domain […]

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The Russian Company That Is a Danger to Our Security; Mind-Boggling Predictions for the Next 25 Years

To Save Retail, Let It Die; US Fortune 500 Businesses, Their Domain Name Characteristics, and Security; Blockchain will turn the internet into the world’s largest ‘stock’ market; 8 Ways to Find Competitor Backlinks Using Alexa’s Backlink Tool; RIAA shuts down popular YouTube to MP3 conversion site; Habits of Effective Salespeople; Harnessing the Future of Cloud […]

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Domain aftermarket update – DNW Podcast #151

Sedo’s CSO provides data to back up recent sales trends. This week we talk with Matthias Meyer-Schönherr, the Chief Sales Officer of Sedo. Matthias comes armed with data to discuss sales trends including .ai and .io domain names. He also talks about options for selling domains and the best way to sell domains in today’s […]

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