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September 25, 2017 13:28

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How did a four-word .COM sell for $100,000?

I have to say I was pretty impressed with Uniregistry’s latest list of sales, with close to $30M in domain sales already this year it’s fair to say Uniregistry Market is on fire. A lot of the sales made perfect sense, one-word .COMs like or selling for six-figures is pretty darn normal. But […]

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How to link your Domain Name Sales account to the Uniregistry Market

I’ve been using Domain Name Sales for years and with the release of Uniregistry Market somehow I missed the fact that you can actually connect the two. I stumbled across this when I was looking at Uniregistry’s You Tube channel and found a video walking users through the process. Here’s the video: It’s a pretty […]

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Uniregistry lays out its presentation schedule for NamesCon 2017

The Uniregistry / Domain Name Sales  team will be attending NamesCon 2017 in Las Vegas, and they would like to speak to other participants. You can now set up an appointment, and with an estimated 1,400 attendees it looks like it’ll be a busy domain conference. What is the presentation schedule for Uniregistry during NamesCon? […]

Read more Acquires has acquired yet another great domain name; The domain name just updated yesterday to show as the new owner. The domain was previously owned under privacy at the brand protection company and domain name registrar Safenames which is also the company that uses. According to the last time they […]

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Rick Schwartz Sells

Rick Schwartz has sold the three number .Com domain name for an undisclosed price. Although the price was not disclosed Rick did tell that the “sale is several times larger than the largest current sale of the year.” According to, the top sale of 2016, as of publication is which sold […]

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Namejet – Enom Security Issue Discovered – A Domain Can Leave An Account Without A Trace

While selling a domain name at the NamesCon/RightOfTheDot/Namejet auction I discovered a big security flaw at Enom. But let’s start from the begginning… I submitted my first domain name in a NamesCon auction this year. It was a 3 letter .org that didn’t go into the live auction. In the silent auction it sold (not […]

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10 Things I learned About Chinese Domain Buyers

I sold a few domain names to a few Chinese buyers in November and December and it was all together a pleasant experience. Everybody knows they like short domain names and numerics but here are a few things I learned … Continue reading →

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What percentage of my domains did I sell in 2015? (poll)

I wrote an article with details about my domain name portfolio including the total number of domains and the percentage of each TLD I invest in. I want to ask you to guess what is the percentage of my portfolio … Continue reading →

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.CLUB Sells 408 Premium Domain Names For $142,470

.Club had another 6-figure month with $142,470.52 in premium name sales for January. While not as dramatic as November and December, the January sales were still over 13% higher than then record breaking October sales. January numbers include the 5 … Continue reading →

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Sedo Sells 588 Domains For $1 Million: $24,944, 16.500 GBP

In the past week 588 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1 million. Sedo does not report domains that are part of private sales or domains that sold for less than 700 USD/EUR/GBP. Over 62% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Sedo will not reveal … Continue reading →

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