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October 22, 2018 06:21

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Namecheap shares domain name insights and trends (2008 – 2018)

Namecheap shared some domain insights for 2018 so far including which TLDs are the most popular, how they are changing, and what that means for the future of domain name registrations. They also shared some statistics from the past 10 years. Here are some of the most important domain name trends using Namecheap data from […]

Read more is now owned by an affiliate of Siris Capital and will no longer trade on NASDAQ Group, Inc. (“”) announced the completion of its previously announced acquisition by an affiliate of Siris Capital Group, LLC (“Siris”) for approximately $2 billion. In connection with the closing of the transaction, the company, which will continue to operate as, will be wholly owned by an affiliate of Siris and will no longer […]

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Trending domain name keywords: asset, marijuana, organic, removal, florence

The top 10 trending keywords registered in .COM and .NET domain names during the month of September 2018 were published by Verisign, the .com and .net registry. You can find the list from last month here. My experience shows that 700 or 800 (or even less) domain registrations are enough to bring a keyword into the […]

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.Page domains (by Google) are now available to register

.Page domain names entered General Availability yesterday. Google is the owner of this new extension. The .page launch was not even remotely close to how successful the .app launch was. .App is another Google new extension. (Of course, as I have said before, .app is only for dreamers.) Today there are 3,602 registered .page domain […]

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Donuts appoints ICANN’s Akram J. Atallah as CEO

Donuts Inc. announced that Akram J. Atallah will assume the role of chief executive officer, effective November 12, 2018. Current CEO Bruce Jaffe is stepping down and will continue to act as a senior advisor to the company during this transition. “We thank Bruce for his stewardship of Donuts, during which in his tenure as […]

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Uniregistry: the absolute mathematical madness of “Domain Perks”!

I don’t know who inside Uniregistry thought of “Domain Perks”. But it seems like a mathematical disaster happened while calculating the 3 subscription plans and their annual prices. Were the subscription plan prices selected randomly? Yesterday I wrote about “Domain Perks” and how much it will cost you to register or renew .com domains depending […]

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Uniregistry: Huge price increase on domain name registrations and renewals!

Uniregistry has recently pushed huge price increases on domain name registrations and renewals (including .com) to some of its customers. The domain name registrar has quietly introduced “Domain Perks” that is a discount subscription system. My understanding is that this subscription system is set to replace the individual prices that each domain investor was quoted […]

Read more now offers Pre-Release domain auctions has started offering Pre-Release domain name auctions. All domain auctions will start at $10.00 USD and include the first year registration. A Pre-Release domain is a domain that has expired at the registrar and is being offered in auction BEFORE dropping. This offers you the opportunity to acquire the domain name before it […]

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WARNING: Google has a bug allowing possibly TM infringing ads to appear on your domain landing pages

This is a warning to be taken very seriously by all domainers that park their domain name with PPC ads. Google currently has a bug allowing possibly trademark infringing ads to appear on your domain name landing pages. I got confirmation from 2 different parking companies (Uniregistry and ParkingCrew) and I have seen the landers […]

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The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) has created a petition on to stop Verisign, the .com registry, from raising .COM pricing. Sometime before November 30, 2018, the price of .COM domains may go up when the NTIA’s Cooperative Agreement with Verisign expires! Demand that ICANN and the NTIA take action NOW to stop a potential […]

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