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December 11, 2018 03:22

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Registrations might just be biggest vanity metric when it comes to new gTLDs

.TOP has been the #1 new gTLD for a while this year, and even now they sit at the #2 spot when it comes to registrations…but their one-year chart tells a different story: Ouch. This doesn’t look like a chart that would make you think this is one of the top new gTLDs. Think about […]

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If all new domain name extensions failed, would the domain industry get smaller?

So there has been a lot of talk lately about the challenges that the new domain extensions (new gTLDs as Domainers call them) have had when it comes to investment value. At the same time, hugely successful startups like and monster companies like have decided to brand around a new domain extension. At […]

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Did you really expect all the new gTLDs to be a success?

So it’s no secret that new gTLDs have been in the news even more than usual lately. A lot of this was kicked-off earlier this month when Frank decided to increase the renewal prices on a bunch of new new gTLDs which seemed to ripple through the domain industry in a major way. I wrote […]

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Raising the Bar – TLD Registry gets coveted Chinese accredation

Today is a big day for TLD Registry as they became one of less than 4% of TLDs on the planet to be accredited by the Chinese government. While you might not be familiar with this accreditation if you live in the US, in China it’s a big deal since it means your website can be hosted […]

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It’s no secret that startups have been all over .IO domains and today I spotted a new one that is currently trending on the wildly popular Y Combinator’s Hacker News. It’s called and like many .IO startups, it’s more developer-focused and this one has a twist I haven’t seen much before but we’ll likely […]

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A slew of premium .NYC domains hit the market just in time for Fashion Week

I just got word that Neustar, the company behind the popular .NYC domain name extension is releasing some of their most premium fashion-related domain names just in time for Fashion Week. The names become available starting on February 1st and I think you’ll agree they are some of the best: […]

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How to track the performance of new domain name extensions

It’s safe to say there are more new domain name extensions out there than any of us can remember. There are some clear leaders when it comes to registrations like .XYZ and .CLUB, .TOP and .WIN, but did you know that .LOAN is in the top ten along with new extensions like .BID? Probably not, […]

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Countdown to NamesCon Part 2: Will new gTLDs be the hot topic this year?

Last year the hot topic at NamesCon was probably split between the Chinese domain market and new gTLDs. This year there’s only one talk at the conference about Chinese domain names so it looks like this might not be quite as hot a topic as it once was. I think this probably has to do […]

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Let’s be honest, what’s the chance that all the new domain extensions fail?

I’ll start this post by saying I’m a huge fan of .COM, most of my investment dollars go into .COM and when anyone asks me what to invest in now I tell them .COM. That being said, I hear a lot of people saying that the new domain extensions are going to fail, some have even […]

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You might as well grab a free .SHOP domain while you can

The .SHOP domain name extension hit the market back in September of this year and just about two weeks in had already made $2M with over 2,000 domains registered. According to GMO Registry, the operator of .SHOP 39,801 domain names were registered in the first 30 minutes that it went live for general availability. Now […]

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