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January 17, 2019 19:49

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Marketplace : Your not so best #domain name for $1,000 bucks

Second-Rate Domains, a new marketplace to offload your domain “gems” opened its gates on Tuesday. Fred Malitanowski, founder, explains the rationale behind the creation of this unique domain name marketplace: “I got sick and tired of seeing ads inviting users to sell their ‘best domain’ for a thousand bucks. What kind of lowballing chutzpah is […]

Read more rebrands its domain marketplace, adding new features

Domain marketplace Undeveloped, has announced a number of new features and improvements to its marketplace, including a complete rebranding. Some of these features include the following, according to the information that we were sent: New brand and marketplace to be more appealing to end-users. Increased discoverability of domains listed on our marketplace with the addition […]

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NameBros : Aftermarket domain marketplace

To succeed with private aftermarket domain sales, one needs a great brand, and NameBros caught our attention recently. Stemming from a slight typo of a popular domain forum, ended up being a pleasant surprise. 😀 The web site displays a grid of catchy domains, showcased with a relatively related logo image. Visualizing the essence […]

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DomainAgents launches updated domain name marketplace

Updated marketplace includes high-quality, sales-focused landers. Uniregistry isn’t the only company launching an upgraded marketplace today. DomainAgents, a domain name buying service with a unique angle, has launched an updated marketplace today. What makes DomainAgents unique is that it charges a $19.95 fee in order to make an offer on a domain name. In return, […]

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Domain Marketplace 5-way comparison : Final standings

We ran an extensive, detailed five way comparison of large and popular domain auction venues, comparing their designs for effective delivery of user experience (UX). The 5 domain marketplaces were reviewed in alphabetical order, and comparison was focused on the presentation of domain inventory, ease of navigation and other aesthetics that affect how visitors interact […]

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Domain Marketplace 5-way comparison : Part #5 – Sedo

It’s the final battle of the domain venue giants to determine who’s doing the job right; User experience (UX) design is the quintessential element that can make or break a web site for its users. So far we covered Afternic, Flippa, GoDaddy Auctions and NameJet; today’s the turn of Sedo, the German company with offices […]

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Domain Marketplace 5-way comparison : Part #4 – NameJet

User experience (UX) design aims at making the browsing and interaction processes with web sites a smooth experience. We’ve put to test five big domain marketplaces – Afternic, Flippa, GoDaddy, NameJet and Sedo – in order to assess their ability to present domain data efficiently and intelligently to their users. After covering Afternic, Flippa and […]

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Domain Marketplace 5-way comparison : Part #3 – GoDaddy Auctions

We’ve been comparing five big domain marketplaces – Afternic, Flippa, GoDaddy, NameJet and Sedo – to gauge their ability to deliver a web site that provides ease of navigation and efficient content presentation. User experience (UX) design is a fundamental element of any web site that aspires to attract and maintain the loyalty of its […]

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Domain Marketplace 5-way comparison : Part #2 – Flippa

How effective are domain selling marketplaces in interfacing with their users? Visual identification of key segments is important, and it’s not just for looks. User experience design (UX) plays a big part in identifying information easy and fast. Imagine the difference it makes when one is able to locate great ongoing domain sales, as opposed […]

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Domain Marketplace 5-way comparison : Part #1 – Afternic

How effective are domain venues, also known as “domain marketplaces”, in displaying their domain inventory and interacting with their visitors? User experience (UX) is a fundamental element of design, defining the accessibility, usability and effectiveness of presenting online content. There are several large domain marketplaces: Sedo, Flippa, GoDaddy Auctions (TDNAM), NameJet and Afternic. We will […]

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