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April 5, 2020 00:59

You are browsing the archive for domain law. : #Domain got hit with a #UDRP a decade after Complainant’s trademark

A Swedish company took a bet with, and filed a UDRP at the WIPO. The domain was registered in 2009. The Complainant is Joelsson Media Group AB, Sweden, that acquired a European Union trademark in 2019 for CASINO DADDY. That’s a decade after the domain was registered. They operate from the matching .net domain […]

Read more : Italian #law firm claims former partner tried to hijack #domain name

An Italian law firm claimed that its domain name,, was taken over by a former partner. SLS Società a Responsabilità Limitata, Italy jointly with Studio Legale Sutti Società Semplice, Italy, filed a UDRP to reclaim that domain name. Usually, such cases of domain hijacking end with the Complainant being told the WIPO panel isn’t […]

Read more #UDRP : It’s a case of Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking for this 1999 registration

Filing a UDRP against the domain name,, ended up being a bad decision for the Brazilian Complainant. Registered in 1999 by the Respondent, predates the date of first use by the Complainant, Loco Tecnologia da Informação S.A., Brazil. The Complainant acquired a trademark in 2017. The Complainant has received an initial round of […]

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Three times a charm: #Pornhub brand squatter loses another #UDRP

A Pornhub domain cybersquatter has lost his 3rd UDRP in a row, this time for the typo-domain Having lost the UDRP for Pornhub.CO and, the inevitable happened, and the Complainant filed another UDRP. In his response, the Respondent asserted that they should not be targeted, if others are doing the same: “The major […]

Read more #UDRP results in Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking finding, a domain name registered in 2009, was hit with a UDRP. The Complainant is Kevac S.r.l, Italy, represented by LS LexJus Sinacta. The Respondent was represented by Muscovitch Law P.C., Canada. In this UDRP, the Complainant claimed that their trademarks from 2012 are sufficient to pursue the transfer of the domain, as the company […]

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#Greek drama : Couple gets mixed in #UDRP proceedings over Mykonos #domain and brand

A Greek couple that ended up divorcing has taken their battle over a domain and brand, to the UDRP process. The Complainant and the Respondent were formerly married to each other since the 1980s, and were jointly involved in the operation of the Sea Satin Market Restaurant and Caprice Bar on the Greek island of […]

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#Ukrainian adamant about keeping #Facebook domain for 13 years

A man from Ukraine registered the domain, the local ccTLD, in 2007. When Facebook filed a UDRP, the Respondent attempted to invoke the doctrine of laches, claiming that it took the Complainant too long to file the UDRP. While the domain wasn’t used to display Facebook content or to pass off as Facebook, it […]

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#TacoCasa .com : House of #tacos gets stuffed with a #RDNH finding, a domain registered in 1998, was hit with a UDRP filed by Roy Upshaw d.b.a. Taco Casa and R&S Upshaw Franchising, LLC. Taco casa means house of taco(s) in Spanish. The Complainant believed they had a home run with this, after pulling some really aged state trademarks, that had expired, along with some fresher […]

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#Procurium .com : Domain predates the #trademark but case was sent to #UDRP

The domain was registered in 2012, and the .net Registrant filed a UDRP in 2020. They also followed up with a trademark application just two days later. That, according to the Respondent in this case, indicates that it’s a case of filing the UDRP in bad faith. They asked for a finding of Reverse […]

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Madame Alexander #dolls : A pair of 1998 #domains lost via the UDRP process

Madame Alexander is a doll manufacturer that claims the doll’s tradition began 100 years ago; its trademarks, cite first use in the 1930’s. The company operates from the matching domain, registered in 1999, but a year prior someone registered the domains and Both domains resolve to the same active web site displaying […]

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