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April 26, 2018 21:13

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Rick Schwartz : Politics and social issues become #domain names

Rick Schwartz quit social media and Twitter in particular at the turn of the new year. The Domain King is far from retired, as domain investing has been the core of his business for almost 25 years. Rick refers to his ongoing activity as that of a domain investor, and a domain collector. Rick’s passion […]

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Every Domain King needs his #domain #kingdom

If you’ve been binge-watching the second season of The Crown at Netflix, you are not alone. Millions of viewers are enchanted by the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her life among both Royalty and the commoners of Great Britain. The series is charged with a broad range of emotions, a rare sight for the […]

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Rick Schwartz : Domain entrepreneur or domain name speculator?

Domain investors of a higher caliber, like Rick Schwartz, define their business model long term. By visiting, Rick Schwartz’s primary domain portfolio web site, one can realize the extent and reach – long term – of his investments, and his 20 year business plan. In fact, it was the latter’s completion, that led Rick […]

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Domain King : Around the world in 80 days!

Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, is on a worldwide tour, to celebrate his victory in the UDRP against the Danish aggressor company, Knud Jepsen A/S. “Roaming the world of domains is never enough, one has to get on a plane and see places far, far away,” said Rick Schwartz, while in Venice, Italy. “I […]

Read more domain UDRP : High odds that it will be a RDNH finding – here’s why

The decision on the UDRP against, a generic, aged domain owned by Rick Schwartz should be delivered soon. A poll among DomainGang readers shows that 50% of voters believe a finding of “Reverse Domain Name Hijacking” is probable in this case. While 38% of votes predict a win for the Domain King without a […]

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TRAFFIC 2008 – Rick Schwartz’s best 20 minute video interview ever!

Rick Schwartz gave his best video interview ever in 2008, right at the end of TRAFFIC East in Orlando, FL. The event, which was attended by yours truly, presented the opportunity to domain investors and company representatives to network and forge new business relationships. More than $2.5 million dollars‘ worth of domain names were sold […]

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Domain President? Dicker fallout continues as Schwartz unleashes tweetstorm

“Domain King” domain investor Rick Schwartz has twunleashed a twirade of Twitter twabuse about deleted podcasts that would put Donald Trump to shame. Starting late Sunday night and apparently still ongoing at time of publication, Schwartz has been haranguing Michael Cyger, publisher of the DomainSherpa and DNAcademy investor sites, about dozens of deleted DomainSherpa podcasts. […]

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Rick Schwartz returns to NamePros!

Rick Schwartz broke his dedication to Twitter on Saturday, heading over to NamePros for some spunky domain commentary. The Domain King, who until this weekend had made just one post since 2007, left several comments in a thread related to gTLD domain names. A week short of a comment-less decade as a NamePros member, Rick’s […]

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Rick Schwartz’s domain requests on Twitter invigorate the domain industry!

Rick Schwartz has been asking domain sellers to post their best names on Twitter, for a maximum set price. Once posted, Rick’s given first dibs to accept or reject the domains offered. When the 4 hour window passes, these domains are available to others. We don’t keep track of which domains Rick acquired through this […]

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Domain King’s quest : 8 types of domains that don’t pass the “pigeonshit” test

Rick Schwartz wants your domains, and they’d better not be pigeon shit. The Domain King® is actively seeking domain submissions, up to $5,000 dollars per domain – but they have to pass the test. While everyone is proud of their domain name portfolios, sending a domain to Rick Schwartz requires higher quality standards. What are […]

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