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February 22, 2020 19:30

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Weekend Musings – Hiking on Mt Tam, dinner in Stinson Beach and Domaining Sunday

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekend musings. This is a series that I used to do on my blog but haven’t kept up with over the years. Last week at NamesCon enough people told me I should start this back up again that I decided to do it, so welcome back, let’s do […]

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The .VC domain extension is becoming pretty darn popular with Venture Capitalists

In 2020 there are a ton of options when it comes to buying a domain name. While .COM is and probably always will be king, niche-specific domain name extensions are becoming increasingly popular. From .TECH to .AI, more and more companies are looking at what comes after the dot to give context to what it […]

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It was an interesting week for domain investors as the top three sales went to non .COMs

I’m a big fan of .COM. A majority of the domain name investments I make are in .COM, my blog is on a .COM domain, and my company is also on a .COM domain. So safe to say I’m a .COM guy. At the same time, I have found myself investing in other TLDs from […]

Read more is expiring, and it’s at $26,000 in auction with less than an hour to go

Great domain names expire all the time for one reason or another. In most cases, the owner stopped using it and has no idea what domain names typically sell for in the open market. Today that seems to be the case for which has expired and is in auction at Go Daddy. The bidding […]

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Two startups building their brands on .IO domains raised $53M combined today

I’ve been talking quite a bit about how extensions like .CO, .IO, .AI and others are seeing strong growth in the startup world and investors don’t seem to be phased by these non .COM innovators. Today was a pretty special day for companies branding on .IO as announced a $13M raise and announced […]

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Three Domain Investing trends I noticed at NamesCon 2020

Hello from 32,000 feet I am currently on my flight back from Austin to SF, and as usual after a conference, I have a lot running through my head. While I still have some great videos to share, I thought I’d take a minute to reflect on three domain investing trends I saw front and […]

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NamesCon Day Three In One Video

NamesCon 2020 may be over but I still have plenty of video content to share. I’m still in Austin spending time with some of the Bold Metrics team we have here in town along with some other friends that run startups here. It has been a blast but I’m definitely looking forward to heading back […]

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Some good examples of successful startups branding on .IO domains

(Image source – 101Domain) I received inbound interest in one of the .IO domains I owned and came across a question I actually haven’t seen before. The person who reached out was trying to convince their boss that they should use a .IO domain, but their boss had never heard of .IO and didn’t know […]

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NamesCon 2020 Day Two in One Video

I think it’s safe to say that time seems to go by faster than ever at NamesCon and with day three in the books I finally had a chance to sit down this morning and put this post together. I just counted and I’ve had around 40 meetings so far over the last three days…which […]

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My favorite NamesCon 2020 moment – Ron Jackson winning the Lonnie Borck Memorial Award

Lonnie Borck is a legendary Domain Investor, he was loved by everyone who knew him, and we lost him way too soon. To help honor his legacy the Lonnie Borck Memorial Award was created and this year it was awarded to Ron Jackson, publisher of the longest-running publication in the domain name world – DNJournal. […]

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