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August 21, 2018 00:35

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Did you know that Efty plays nice with parked domains too?

I was talking to a friend the other day who has a few domains that still make some real money parked. He was saying to me that he wished there was a way to connect these parked domains with his Efty landing pages since he really wants the best of both worlds, parking revenue and […]

Read more,, and more – some pretty solid domains are expiring right now

Normally there is one name that really catches my eye when I’m looking at expired domains. You know that feeling where you see a name and wonder how the owner forgot to renew it. Today when I went to look on Go Daddy auctions I found a handful of really solid names that are dropping […]

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5 things Mike Cyger learned – DNW Podcast #196

What DomainSherpa’s founder learned while learning about domain investing. Mike Cyger did over 400 interviews for DomainSherpa before he sold the site. On today’s show, Mike recounts how he got into the domain name business, how he learned domain investing my listening to and studying what others did, and five things he learned while running DomainSherpa. […]

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eSports Saturday: I competed in my first local eSports tournament last week

Last week I attended and competed in my first live local eSports tournament. First things first, I am pretty terrible at all video games across-the-board. I’m not much of a gamer but I am really interested in gaming and eSports but more as a spectator than a player. That being said, if there’s one game […]

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Will’s current owner lose the domain name? It’s possible.

Recently there has been a new controversy over the domain name For those who don’t know much about this domain – it’s kinda a big deal since it has long served as the core website for Bitcoin. Now the current owner is seeing the community turn against him, and it could cost him one […]

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Expired domain name blows past $24,000…but why did it expire in the first place?

Well whoever owned is likely kicking themselves right now, or if they’re reading this article, they are emailing Go Daddy to pay their $10 renewal fee. The domain has already exceeded $24,000 and there are more than five days left in the auction. This is also a case where Estibot certainly seems to have […]

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Startup Sunday: Self-driving car startup Zoox raises another $500M

The self-driving car market is heating up and with five major players all competing to get driverless cars on the road, en mass. While you probably know that Uber and Lyft have been working on autonomous vehicles, and you might have heard that Google has something called Waymo, and GM has a Cruise, you might […]

Read more now has its own Discord server – join now for a more interactive experience

As an eSports and gaming fan, Discord has become a part of my daily life. If you don’t know what Discord is, think of it as Slack for gamers – an easy way to chat with other gamers, track what they’re playing and have a more dynamic experience than you’ll find on a forum. When […]

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Some domains might look like they get a lot of inbound inquiries, but beware of false hope

Every once and a while I buy an expired domain that starts getting a high volume of inbound offers right out of the gate. Years ago I used to get excited, it was like striking gold, I thought to myself, “yes – I found a hot domain that everyone wants.” Then of course, I’d scratch […]

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NameSummit NYC moves to November, offers early bird pricing starting today

I was disappointed that I couldn’t make it to NameSummit last year, and after talking to people who attended, it was clear that I had missed out on a pretty special event. This year I was also going to miss it again since it took place in the middle of an existing work trip. So […]

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