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April 4, 2020 23:26

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What’s one thing you’re doing differently with your domain portfolio?

It’s been fascinating to see how different people adapt to change. As a startup founder I’m used to things changing, that’s the name of the game. When we started Bold Metrics, most people weren’t comfortable answering questions about themselves online, “why would I share my weight with anyone!?!?” Fast forward to today and companies like […]

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If I started a newsletter about domain name investing on Substack, would you subscribe?

I’ve seen more and more content creators starting premium/paid newsletters on Substack. My current favorite is A Ticker A Day from Danielle Morrill which I think has been particularly interesting given everything that’s happening in the stock market. There are also a ton of Substacks obviously covering things like news, politics, climate change, etc. That […]

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As a domain investor, it’s probably a better time to buy than sell

First things first, as you all know, I am not a full time domain investor, never have been, maybe some day I will be, but today is not that day. That being said, I have a lot of friends who are and I always like hearing their perspective on things, especially at a time like […]

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People are registering domains with the word “Zoom” in it like it’s going out of style

Well it’s no secret that Zoom has been one of the most popular solutions for people around the world who suddenly find themselves spending all day, every day, at home. Now it looks like people are busy registering domain with the word Zoom in it at a major clip. While Zoom is a generic word […]

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The domain industry was estimated to be north of $6B in 2019

People are often surprised when I tell them that rather than investing in the stock market or real estate, my investment focus for the last thirteen years has been domain names. The initial assumption is, the domain name sales space must be tiny, and heck, some bloggers even called it dead back in 2011. As […]

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Domain Investors see steady sales volume in lower price ranges

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve heard from numerous full time domain name investors that they’re still seeing steady sales, just at lower prices. This weekend I had a good email exchange with someone I’ve known for years, he said his sales in the five-figure range had fallen off a cliff, but deals in […]

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Adjusting to the downturn and going virtual – DNW Podcast #279

Here’s how one investor is thinking about his domain portfolio in light of the economic downturn. Domain name investor Page Howe returns to the program this week. Page talks about how he’s managing his portfolio in light of the coronavirus bust, and how the shift to web-based work could change things. He also discusses an […]

Read more is officially the only .LOL domain I’ve ever heard of

I had absolutely no idea there was a .LOL domain name extension until tonight when I was looking through articles on one of my favorite news aggregators, Y Combinator’s Hacker News. That’s when I saw a link to a website that comes up with funny names for hexadecimal colors. If you’ve ever written a […]

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NameCheap is taking a stand against scammers registering Coronavirus-related domain names

While the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, scammers are also flocking to domain names that they can put fake websites on to steal money from people who think they’re donating to the cause. Just to be clear here. Not everyone who registers a domain name with the word “coronavirus” in it or “vaccine” […]

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Efty just shared some must-read tips for domain investors

While the Coronavirus and what to do about it has been a polarizing topic in some ways, in other ways it has been a great unifier as we all come together as a global community, and in the domain investing world, as proud Domainers. As I’ve written about over the last few weeks, it has […]

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