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January 21, 2018 02:39

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This brilliant company is disrupting the $200 billion #domain industry

There are times when we should all look back at the domain industry’s growth in sheer awe. From the early beginnings of domain investing, to the daily multi-million dollar sales gracing the lists of DNJournal and NameBio, domainers are living in an extraordinary era. And now, a brilliant company is disrupting the $200 billion dollar […]

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It’s tough to run a marketplace or auction platform and be 100% clean on trademarks. But you cannot send an email blast and make a blatant trademark an editor’s choice. Sir Drago on Namepros posted the following: So I received an interesting email today from Flippa, Its weekly website auction advertising. Something immediately caught my […]

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Nat Cohen gives some food for thought on potential UDRP reform

This kind of went under the radar except for some replies on Namepros. Nat Cohen replied to a post and outlined what could be in the works for domain investors if there is significant UDRP reform. I came across this after reading the excellent back and forth between Josh and Elliot on the post […]

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How do you like your content?

I was reading the article Morgan Linton wrote about domain blogs and it kind of fit in with an article I started on over the weekend. How do you like your content? Morgan was specifically talking about a Twitter conversation about Bitcoin and Domaining, that was being had by Rick Schwartz and Konstantinos from […]

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TRELLIAN.COM Parent Of Acquires Drop Catch Platform

Trellian has announced its further expansion into the .AU drop catch business with the acquisition of the highly successful drop catch platform Having only a handful of auDA accredited registrars that are authorized to drop catch, the acquisition further strengthens Trellian’s February 2017 acquisition of drop catch platform and registrar. The two drop […]

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Domaining on the decline?

Over the years there have been many discussions on the demise of domaining. The latest debate started last month on Namepros “Domain industry is dying slowly?” . The discussion started out with a lot of focus on new gtlds and the confusion and choice they have brought to the domain market. Longtime domain investor Brad […]

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The Q2 2017 closed with approximately 331.9 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains

Verisign released their Q2 Domain Name Industry Brief. The second quarter of 2017 closed with 331.9 million domains registered, up 1.3 million domains. Summary The second quarter of 2017 closed with approximately 331.9 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains (TLDs), an increase of approximately 1.3 million domain name registrations, or 0.4 percent over […]

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I recently signed up for which is self described as a contribution marketplace. The concept seems interesting, there are many different ways to contribute and figure out what you want to earn. It also looks like they are doing an ICO to establish their model. Industry veteran Chad Folkening is the lead mentor for […]

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“The new gTLD industry has not “killed” it.”

Pinky Brand wrote an article on his blog that is a good read for anyone interested in the domain industry. Whether registry, registrar or investor, Brand gives some decent insight into the new gtld program and doing business in China. Brand noted that the new gtld’s would have to “kill it” to meet his projections […]

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Namebio giving away cash and prizes just for playing a game

Namebio is giving everyone a chance to win cash and prizes just by playing their Domain Game. Michael Sumner has done a really good job with the app in my opinion. Now players can win the following prizes: Launched in the Spring of 2016, The Domain Game is closing in on a major milestone… ONE […]

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